Black Lives Matter?

Michael Hickson, a black man, falls victim to death panels.

Does his skin color play into this? Well it does when the left wants to push an agenda. So it matters now too, doesn’t it? Story

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  1. Looking deep into this story – THIS is what caused his death:
    “A Travis County probate judge assigned guardianship over Michael Hickson to Family Eldercare because his wife and sister battled for that right in court.” So, his sister and his wife were fighting over custody (right to care?) and a judge stepped in to take the responsibility and authority away from both of them. Let this be a lesson as to why you should try to resolve family issues among yourselves before getting lawyers involved. They are heartless bastards.

  2. Replace ‘quality of life’ with ‘wrong party affiliation’.
    Obamacare provides for that kind of horrid discrimination.

  3. Pointless intubation? From which almost all die anyway, in a coman or extreme discomfort? Rather than comfort care?

    Be careful about jumping on bandwagons.

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