Black Lives Matter NY Demands Vegan Meals, Robot Taxes, From Biden

Frontpage: The good news is that it’s been years since we’ve heard much from the Ford Foundation’s pet racial supremacist hate group. Why? Who knows. Like all good marketers, lefties keep freshening up their front group product lines on a regular basis. That manufactures the impression that the lefty activism is constantly moving forward with dynamic new radical groups.

But Black Lives Matter New York had a reaction to Biden’s “You’re not black” comments. And the bad news is that the reaction is crazier than usual. read more

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  1. Robots would pay taxes in various assorted nuts and bolts and loose screws. After finishing saying EXTERMINATE when they find out that they too have to pay a robot tax. You don’t want tp piss HAL off (or homicidal Daleks or Cybermen) otherwise he just might read your lips and send you out into space and oblivion.

  2. I’ll admit it’s a very good thing I don’t have Robby’s disintegrating ray gun, or a phaser.

  3. “The good news is that it’s been years since we’ve heard much from the Ford Foundation’s pet racial supremacist hate group.”

    And when they reappear, they are stuck in a loop of the last year of Obama, when robots were going to replace fast food workers and Mooch was spooning out her green gruel in schools. This is really going to mess with Joe’s mind.

  4. …I feed armies.

    For a quarter of a century, I have participated heavily with my employer in producing made-to-order combat meals, field kitchen meals, training rations, and just about anything portable a soldier…and in some cases a sailor…might consume. If you’ve done a hitch in the last 25 years, there’s a real good possibly I prepared your dinner at some point, probably more than one of them. In the position I play, most meals pass through me, and that’s NOT an exaggeration. Every shift, every meal. That’s ME.

    “How so?”, you may ask. “What the he’ll does that have to do with BLM???”, would be a more likely question.

    Well, those answers are together.

    The Luddite wing of BLM hates robots.

    And I work on, create programs for, repurpose, integrate, and interface to human operators, robots.

    Robots do what they are told, and to a large extent, I’m the one doing the telling. Programming is something of a one-man birthday party in that you don’t get any presents you don’t bring. Every consequence, every interaction, every possible erroneous input or output has to be imagined by a human mind, or the robot will not know what to do and will either do a wrong thing or shut down. You can’t even really call a robot “smart” or “stupid”, because they are neither. They are only programmed, and that’s it.

    Robots do not take vacations, have both boyfriend problems, get pregnant, come in high, pass out drunk, or threaten to kill people if they don’t get a raise, it’s true. They DO, however, cost a LOT of money to obtain, a LOT of money to create a cell from an OEM, a LOT of money to install, and a BOATLOAD of money to maintain, and they DON’T repurpose easily or get created quickly. A manufacturer has to REALLY consider if they want to add a million dollar cell to their operation that’s s gonna take time to dial in, and may be for a product line that could be abruptly ended by a customer before even half the Return On Investment (ROI) is realised. Add to that the fact that the Management who makes to robot vs. No robot decisions has bonuses based on quick profits and also has a half-life in their role somewhere around that of a lovesick Mayfly, and they kind of don’t really WANT to automate.

    So why DO they?

    Well, first off, robots are usually used for three main purposes. One, to do very, very repetitive tasks that a human worker would go brain-dead in five minutes doing. Two, tasks that are too dangerous, for weight or other reasons, for humans to do safely. Three, tasks that have to be done quicker than humans can do them for it to be at ALL profitable for them to be done.

    And as I said, it HAS to be a well-defined task, as robots do NOT have mental flexibility.

    …all of this means that the jobs the ROBOTS are doing are NOT jobs humans could reasonably do. It’s NOT a zero-sum game that more robots = less humans, because the job would probably not be bid at ALL if it had to be done at HUMAN speeds or with the number of humans required to have the same output.

    I don’t make canned soup, but I know about it, so that can be a quick example that doesn’t step on any NDAs. You buy a can of soup for 50 cents, and would probably not pay more. This can be profitable for the soup folk at 50 cents because automation appetizer HUGE stacks of cans quickly, ran them through a sterilizer retort, dropped them onto an autofill line, seamed them by the thousands automatically, rolled them through a continuous retort for safe, shelf-stable processing, had machines label, stack, case, palletize, and move them with as little human contact as possible. Not because they hate humans, but because the economies of scale are the only way you can even get the INGREDIENTS for 50 cents, let alone the CAN.

    …you COULD do this with humans, have people downstack the empties by hand, load them into a batch sterilizer, put them by hand onto a filler, fill them, seam them batch them by hand, label, pack and load them by hand…and go out of business. Even at minimum wage your workforce would be a Frankenstein’s monster, an army of hundreds to get anywhere NEAR the numbers you got with automation. And trust me, they are NOT going to accept minimum wage because there won’t be enough labor to go around, so a premium will have to be paid, and you STILL won’t have enough people, especially when you tell them they have to stand in one spot wearing a mask and gloves for 8 hours across from someone with poor hygiene, rolling the same label onto the same can all day.

    And good luck selling those cans of soup, 8oz. Size, for $20.00 a pop.

    Sorry, it just doesn’t work without automation, nor would anyone WANT to do the robot’s job.

    ..but if BLM wants to get worked up about something that ACTUALLY impacts working Black Americans, someone should tell them about the IMPORTS.

    …despite a high level of automation, we STILL have to hire HUNDREDS to fill in the blanks or do non-repetitive and Quality jobs. And there’s not enough to go around, so they get imports. Cambodians, Laotians, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Russians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Hispanic from everywhere South of the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego, and Africans, Africans, AFRICANS, mostly Muslim, from every place you’ve ever heard of a genocidal atrocity being done.


    Because they’re CHEAP.

    ..put another way, Black employment and Black wages aren’t kept down by AUTOMATION, but by FOREIGN Black people who live collectively, eat collectively, and send the money home to where it’s worth much, MUCH more than it is HERE. The EEOC insists on “Black” but actually PREFERS Muslim too, and Democrats LOVE them some foreigners, so if you REALLY want to make Black wages better, BLM, THERE’S your target…

    …leave the robots out of it, BLM. They aren’t racist.

    …but, just so you know they ARE Japanese…

  5. Most Blacks could give a shit about this BLM crap.
    They aren’t infants. They know the N word and the who can say it rule is a farce.
    They know when they are being pandered to.
    Most Blacks don’t want to be ‘Black First’ person second. No more than I want to be a ‘White dude’ first person second.
    The ones who buy into this shit are the same as white trash that ‘hates them some’ black people.
    Trash of all stripes buy into low rent ideas

  6. I don’t know most “blacks” – or even most “whites” for that matter – but I DO discern some human qualities from reading – and one of those “qualities” (debatable whether it’s a quality or a trait) is opportunism.
    If someone is willing to steal, as long as he shares some of what he steals with you, you’re willing to give him the benefit of a doubt about his motives – even if his motives are obvious bullshit.

    American Indian.
    Indian Indian.

    Makes no difference. In our (roughly) 6 thousand years of “civilization” we’ve all followed a similar track – different speeds, maybe, but similar tracks. And one of those tracks is to grab all that can be grabbed in the shortest time.
    A kind of Law of Grabity.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Damn.

    Never knew SNS made MREs.

    “HEY! You got any of dem tiny bottles of hot sauce? Better than f*cking CHARMS.”


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