Black Lives Matter Protesters Celebrate Dallas Protest Shootings


BLM ProtesterAs news broke Thursday night that at least four police officers in Dallas had been murdered, hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters took to social media to celebrate, condone, or excuse the shootings.

Here are only a few examples of the dozens that have been posted over the last hour alone:

31 Comments on Black Lives Matter Protesters Celebrate Dallas Protest Shootings

  1. If these idiots who can not spell wanted a war, I believe they got one started tonight. And I believe cops outnumber Soros hired guns by a large margin, which brings up the question, why is that Nazi fucker even in this country?

  2. If black lives mattered, they wouldn’t support Planned Parenthood like they do.

    Margaret Sanger must be proud.

  3. Globalists definitely trying to start a full fledged race war. His army has already been trained with sharp shooters.

  4. To all BLM punks….

    Just remember, it’s easy to be tough when nobody is shooting back at you.

    To the One World Soros elite….

    We, who are armed, won’t go down without a fight.

  5. “558 black people killed this year……”

    And how many black people KILLED BY OTHER BLACKS???

  6. Niggers really are fucking dumb asses. They’ve just elevated BLM to a bona fide terrorist organization, and the fucking President is they ally. All Secret Service should walk out on the fucking job ASAP. Just leave.

  7. They are showing their true colors — shit stains that will rub off on 0bama and everybody else who supports these terrorists.

    The blacklicematters bunch will forever be know as cop murderers. That is a jacket that never comes off. Their lives might have sucked before, but not as bad as are going to suck now. There aren’t many stupider moves than this. As evil as isis, same level of threat.

  8. Hey, Obama. Put down the perogies and kielbasa and get your azz back to the USA. It’s time you got your gun-totin’ bros in line.

  9. 0bama could speak up and stop this if he were pro-America and a man.
    That fucking bastard will always do the opposite, he wants the chaos and division.


  10. I think all the Dallas cops should call in sick for about a week. Watch south Dallas burn right to the ground. Pfffffft! Gone.

  11. Right about now the police, both white AND black, have to be banding together in seething anger. I’ve known a few cops, and many of them already have a tendency to think in terms of them vs. us (i.e., cops vs. civilians), and this will only exacerbate the situation.

    If they go on strike, we’re screwed. If they blow, we’re even more screwed. If things go south from here, the Government may find out the answer to that burning question: Will the U.S. military actually fire on their fellow Americans?

    I’m afraid I already know the answer.


  12. The answer today is the same answer postulated right after the Civil War and that is repatriation back to Africa! The diversity farce has failed and will continue to fail to the detriment of all!

  13. Just woke up to this shit.
    I feel bad for all the little old black ladies who are going to get robbed and beaten in the future because of the justifiable pull back.

  14. Mission accomplished: The Hillary double standard is off the front page.
    The peons are back to fighting among themselves.

  15. People killed by cops each year is usually around 1000
    50% = white
    25% = black

    120 to 150 cops are killed each year by criminals. These are numbers I found searching last night.

    The narrative of cops hunting down innocent blacks is absurd but nobody will share true numbers to show it isn’t a race thing.

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