Black Man Kidnaps White Woman, Then Does Terrible Thing To Her


Robert Lee Noye, a black Iowa man, was arrested Monday after police say he kidnapped a white woman, held her against her will, and forced her to watch the nine-hour slavery miniseries “Roots” so she would “better understand her racism.”

Noye, 52, forced the woman to “remain seated” with him at a Cedar Rapids residence while she watched the series. When she tried to move, Noye reportedly told her “he would kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago” if she did not did [SIC] still.

Noye faces charges of first-degree harassment and false imprisonment. More

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  1. Did he get to the part where Alex Haley admitted that he fabricated the first half of “Roots.” How about the charges that he was found guilty of plagiarizing certain sections of his mostly fictional story.

  2. Alex Haley and his bs book Roots and miniseries hardest hit. Why were we forced to watch that crap back in the 70’s and call it good? Oh yeah, it’s whitey’s fault always has been and always will be.

  3. “I thank God every day that my ancestors were taken as slaves to America.”
    (the only honest “black” journalist – after visiting Africa)
    (actually, shouldn’t be in quotes – that’s the gist as I remember it)

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Weren’t the slaves originally captured by black Africans (and some Muslims) and then sold to white slave traders? The slave traders were wrong but the black Africans who were supplying the slaves were more wrong.

  5. Anonymous February 18, 2020 at 8:56 am

    Slavery is still widely practiced in Africa, maybe somebody should make a movie about that.

    A real live movie is being made today about slavery. China is the forerunner while Africa is going to get a touch of Wuhan. I think both nations know they’re *ucked.

  6. …you KNOW “Roots” is bullshit, right?

    …Africans happily enslaved EACH OTHER long before Whitey showed up, as did Arabs, and both those parties were more than happy to sell troublesome Black people from other tribes to anyone who showed up on the coasts.

    Whitey wouldn’t go chasing Africans into the bush. Why WOULD he, when OTHER Blacks would serve them up?

    …maybe the judge could make THIS guy watch a documentary on WHITE slavery that STILL GOES ON in Muslim lands, plus Blacks STILL enslaving other Blacks that ALSO still goes on?

    …slavery did not BEGIN and END with White on Black slavery in the antebellum Southern U.S. The first slave owner to sue in Virginia courts to own a Black man was ANOTHER Black man, Anthony Johnson, in 1651.

    He won posession of John Castor.

    Roots missed that, somehow…

    …also, VERY FEW White Americans EVER owned a slave, and NONE living NOW has owned one.

    VERY FEW Black Americans are TRULY descendants of slaves, and NONE living NOW ever WERE one.

    …America stands alone as a nation that fought itself to end Slavery…and it DID, except maybe in certain parts of Minnesota where the Somali Muslims are bringing it back, because it dey kultur.

    …I’ve been to the large Civil War section of a local cemetary that holds the bones of my wife’s antecedent who died for this cause. He’s got lots of company. And I’ve seen many such across the Country.

    I’ve been to Fredericksburg, to Harper’s Ferry, to Antetam, and many other places that blood was spilled on this cause. I walked the field between the lines at Gettysburg, hiked through Devil’s Den, seen downtown buildings with shot and shell still wedged in them.

    I’ve been to the National Cemetery there. All the places I went to, sites of big battles, small battles, sometimes battles with nothing but dysentery, have a cemetary.

    Full of White people who opposed slavery, who never owned a slave, who ENDED slavery in the United States for the next 150 years.

    Not my folks, though. They were still in Europe being punished for being Irish, and they came over well after this war was over with, just in time to be persecuted HERE for being Irish, German, and immigrants.


    No man owes a debt for another man’s sins. Whatever dispute this man has, is with long-ago Democrats. NO Republican ever owned a slave.

    …but, if you want to be a racist and claim White people owe a collective debt for what a small group of White Democrats did long ago, I would tell you to go to those cenetaries and look at those markers.

    Those our the receipts.

    If ANYTHING was “owed” then, it was PAID then.

    In BLOOD.

    Go, look at them. There are hundreds of thousands, you’ll have NO trouble finding them.

    Then shut the hell up.

  7. Why do these black activists always assume that every white is a racist? The non racists have always outnumbered those that were in this country.
    He seems kinda racist to me!!

  8. Why do the Africans constantly scream racism? Because it works and they will continue to do it until it stops working!

  9. Did he see the pre-quel where blacks were selling the black slaves to whitey?

    You know what? Mail that freak to Europe. They love that kind of shit there.

  10. The term ‘Racist’ is a hate word and it should be considered a hate crime to call someone by that term!

  11. Amen Supernightshade. I spent a whole day in May 1992 walking amongst the gravestones and markers in Arlington National Cemetery, it was an awesome experience and a very haunting one walking thru that hallowed ground. I have relatives from Minnesota who fought and died for the Union during the Civil War as well as other relatives from Texas who fought for the Confederacy. I want to go to Gettysburg, it’s on my bucket list to stand on Little Round Top to see where the 20th Maine under the leadership of Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin fought and repulsed the Southern Army from flanking the Union Army in order to win the battle. FIX BAYONETS! And if I ever go to Europe I want to go Bastogne where the 101st Airborne Division fought and repulsed the Nazis during the Battle of the Bulge in Dec. 1944 and Jan. 1945. It was the largest battle in US Army history since Gettysburg and it too is hallowed ground along with the American Cemetery above the Normandy beaches.

  12. …when you get to Gettysburg, @geoff the aardvark, look at it from the Union perspective on Little Round Top and imagine what would have happened if Lee had sent his armies in flank instead of clambering between the stones in Devil’s Den. The Union forces were pretty vulnerable until reinforced, and if Hood hadn’t been injured and the assault broken up by wearing his forces out climbing around on things, and if the V Corps on the Union side hadn’t gone there on their own initiative, the history of that battle may well have gone in another direction…

    …Lee did some amazing things, but IMHO, Gettysburg wasn’t his best work. Going to the Center predictably just because the Left and Right failed was, well, not a great idea, and I don’t think Pickett ever had a chance. It’s amazing they even GOT to Union lines in THAT case.

    …and when I say “I walked the fields”, I did just that. I went over to the Southern lines and walked across the field to the Copse of Trees, and just IMAGINING doing that with the Union guns I was walking DIRECTLY into and Meade’s crack troops keeping up a withering fire, were it only with muskets alone, made it a pretty harrowing journey even on a still, bright, September morning.

    Then, it being 150 years later, you could climb up behind the guns on the Union lines and imagine men so doughy them must have seemed superhuman to have survived that, emerging from the copse with fixed bayonets and fierce Rebel yells directly at YOU, while you decide to pour powder, fix your own bayonet, or draw knife in the very few seconds you have remaining to you, seemed an awesome and terrible thing to behold too.

    And that was just one small part of one battle on one day.

    That any men could even stand their ground in such circumstances is amazing, but they not only stood, they ran TOWARDS each other and fought like mad bastards, with a dedication and courage that it’s difficult to even IMAGINE modern children being able to muster. Good or bad, these were MEN and they served their causes and fought for their what they believed to be right for their respective nations, and it’s hard to feel anything but honored that our Country grew from the survivors, the best of the best, those who were able to live through that day and many more like it, to go on to heal a Nation they had consecrated with their own blood and that of their brothers, and grow it into what has at times been the SOLE light of FREEDOM in the world.

    No, I am not ashamed of them.

    And I am CERTAINLY not ashamed of being the same COLOR as them.

    And most of us here, and you and I, know the issue was NEVER as simple as slavery alone, and that the South did have some OTHER, more valid, reasons for their fierce combat. But don’t expect the Democrats to mention that in their hatred any more.

    Go there, Geoff, revel in the heritage of the United States Military in which you have your OWN part, and thank you for your service. I pray you can make that trip, and to Bastonage as well.

    And let us ALL say collectively to the Democrat commanders and those who would use race to divide us and erase our heritage,

    God Bless,

  13. Did Roots mention that the Africans slaves sold to the Arabs didn’t have any descendants, since the males were castrated?

  14. ^^^…yup, Geoff, I do. The Battle of Bastonage did not go well for the Third Reich after that, their plan required that they be able to intimidate the good Gen. McAuliffe, so their failure to make themselves as large and powerful as they seemed doomed the Nazi party to oblivion from that day, thwarted by a small bunch of Battling Bastards who would not yield at any cost, and who had the courage to say “NO FURTHER”, and the fighting spirit to back it up.

    Now, we have another group of fascist tyrants who want to puff themselves up and intimate US.

    …and may their Party meet the same fate as the Nazi one, even as they get their own personal Nurenberging…

    …so again, to them, “NUTS!”.

    …and the tide is turning…

  15. I have a photo of me standing in the Crater at Petersburg; been to Shiloh and Appomattox Courthouse. Wikipedia claims CW deadliest US war of all up to 750,000 soldiers and untold civilians died. Around here in Michigan there are “US Colored Troops” with USCT on their government markers who fought for the Union in our cemeteries. Underground RR came through here and Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass visited Michigan where we had high school academies open to all races.

  16. as if only Americans had slaves!

    slavery is still practiced to day all over the world, when are these people going to start worrying about that?

    that’s what I thought, only Americans can be cuckholded into caring about what happened.

    you know it’s bullshit when they only care about past slavery and not the current slavery

  17. @Supernightshade; well said.

    I noticed that this jackass also threatened to kill his victim had she failed to watch the whole thing. Why isn’t he charged with making Terroristic Threats (I’m pretty sure that’s a crime now) as well as this being classed as a Hate Crime as he clearly kidnapped her because she was white.

  18. ^^^hate crimes turned into a one-way street, @scr_north. Only Whites can hate, apparently.

    They always argue that racism is only possible with power,and that only White people have it. Not sure how that can be one Black president later, and with laws that basically make it illegal to be a White Racist while also codifying open, institutional discrimination against White people in hiring, college admissions, housing, and politics, but intellectual consistency is NEVER a requirement for Democrats, it’s all feelz and stories for them, and that’s how you get guys like in the article…

  19. si
    FEBRUARY 18, 2020 AT 11:37 AM
    “Worse would be– forced to watch “The Ni***r in Chief Speeches. Even 3 hours. Gawd.”

    …how about just LISTENING? I’m SURE the Queen would HAPPILY give you THIS…

    “April 2009: Obama gives Queen Elizabeth an iPod
    White visiting the Queen, the Obama family gave her an iPod, prompting raised eyebrows from the British Press. The MP3 player came pre-loaded with photos from President Obama’s inauguration and audio files of the president’s speech as a senator to the 2004 Democratic National Convention and his 2009 inauguration address.”

    …you can listen to Barky tell you what’s what ANYWHERE, enjoy…

  20. He would only be charged and given a stiff jail term if he was white and the woman black.
    As it is he’ll be a folk hero to the libs and black trash.


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