Black Man Rejecting the Victim Class With a Very Poignant Rant

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  1. PDT is making a difference … those that scream ‘racism’ @ him are either totally ignorant or totally hateful

    … usually both

    some wake up & speak truth to power … power that wants to control us all

    Wake The F*ck Up!

    this just in … St. Louis police just seized the guns from the McCuskey couple
    check Shannon Breem, Fox News

  2. I particularly enjoyed that part of the video where Trump supporters started throwing trash at the speaker, blasting air horns to drown out his speech, and brandishing large sticks in a menacing fashion.

    What – you missed that part? Don’t worry, CNN will air a doctored video where they will show these things happening and photoshop KKK hoods instead of MAGA hats to boot. Liberals can’t allow thoughtful, persuasive and America-loving black men in the media.

    In the meantime, bring it home brother.

  3. By the way, this is Orange County, California. The place is a melting pot – if you spend your time hating people with different skin color or from another culture, you won’t get a damn thing done during your day. Yes, there are some racists in Orange County, but with so many different kinds of folk who live here, being a racist is exhausting.

  4. There is a whole class of people that are coddled, that are allowed to break laws, get handouts, receive preferential treatment, are low skilled, minimally contribute to society, all while unappreciatively complaining about how they are mistreated.

  5. Amen, brother. Great rant. He’s speaking the truth. Liberal/leftist black people burning down their own neighborhoods based on the BLM lie that they’re oppressed – doesn’t effect any white people. White people are not to blame for liberal/leftist black people who self destruct in the ‘hood.

  6. The only blacks {and there are still very many} that still cry racism are those that will not allow logic and self interest to interfere with their own hatred.


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