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Black Men Are 6% of the US Population and 50% of the Prison Population

A lefty sees this statistic and knee-jerkingly says it’s evidence of white racism. Either a massive amount of blacks are being wrongly convicted, or the criminal justice system is letting white murderers, rapists, muggers, junkies, burglars, armed robbers go.

In an effort to level the playing field, president Ofairness has pushed for legislation that allows a “felon’s foot to get in the door” (the left’s ridiculously inappropriate words, not mine.) Obama has “banned the box.” This is the box on a job application that asks if you’ve had a felony conviction. It’s “unfair” for employers to ask, and like most progressive ideas, this one will backfire.

Imagine if it became illegal for animal shelters to inform the public of a dog’s past behavior history. (Oh… magawd. Did he just compare black people to dogs? No, he didn’t, stupid. He’s making an analogy.) The dogs that would suffer the most are the breed (Oh… magawd, he just said blacks are a different breed. Seriously, shut up, stupid) that statistically are a risk. It will be assumed that all of that breed have a hidden dangerous past, and you’ll adopt the beagle.

Good, honest, productive, civic-minded black people are going to suffer because they’ve been stripped of the importance of letting an employer know that they are nothing like the 2,000,000 black men that are currently incarcerated.

It also robs the progressive employer of the opportunity to intentionally hire the applicant with the felony convictions because progressive employers are superior like that. /sarc.

(Wouldn’t you think it would be easy for former convicts to find employment if progressives were as open-minded and benevolent as they claim to be? Their forced policies wouldn’t be necessary, it would just happen organically. The need for legislation is evidence that they are full of sh!t.)


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  1. The fact that they’re negro makes em rape and murder … no, that don’t sound right … they din’t have puppies when they was little guys what ate paint chips makes em rape and murder … naw, that don’t sound too good, neither … they are victims of the white patriarchical hegemonistic secret zion culture!

    That’s the ticket!

  2. Aww hell, the prison system is stacked against blacks dontcha know.

  3. Once again the Obamanation ramps gun sales to new levels. Thanks Barry.

  4. It appears that Barky’s bubble is so thick he isn’t aware that background checks aren’t only for gun purchases.

  5. I am willing to stipulate that there is bias against black people in the justice system, but it is in no way so prevalent that it could account for this stunning statistic.
    At some point even the most ardent lefty, if they had an ounce of honesty, would have to admit that there has to be an alternative explanation for this incarceration gap.
    Does it help that progressives push the idea that there is a black culture and a white culture, and the white culture is demonized?

    Born while white is about as offensive an act a human can commit, especially if you’re male.
    So, things white people do are ridiculed.
    Blacks emulating things white people do are also ridiculed.

    “You’re not black enough,” means that you don’t have “street cred,” which is code for, “you haven’t had any run-ins with the police.”

    State pen is more honorific than Penn State.

    White progressive Bill Maher bemoaned that Obama wasn’t a “brother brother.”

    The GRIO-
    He expressed disappointment that Obama isn’t a “real black president,” the kind that “lifts up his shirt so they can see the gun in his pants.”

    He called Obama “Wayne Brady.” Black comedian, Paul Mooney said, “white people love Wayne Brady because he makes…Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.”

    What is the message here?
    What are white progressives telling black people?

    You won’t catch white conservatives telling black people they aren’t “authentically black enough.”

    While white conservatives appreciate a “Wayne Brady,” white progressives sneer at them.
    It’s a innate fear that enough Wayne Bradys and the white progressive will no longer have their black playthings to lord over.

  6. Stipulate nothing. Don’t commit crimes, you won’t become involved with the criminal justice system. PERIOD!

  7. I’ve been in business off and on, mostly on, since 1981. Next week I do my last job and retire. I could go on but it’s crap like this that makes it impossible. I’ve hired numerous ex-cons over the years. The ones who’s felony amounts to a couple pounds of weed in the truck. Who cares, they are as likely to work out as the next guy. The ones who’ve done 8 years in Folsom for bank robbery (that’s a literal example for me)? You don’t want them within 10 miles of your business. Take it from me, when it comes to serious criminals, you can take the con out of the prison but you can’t take the prison out of the con. In any case business must be able to make that informed choice. You risk your business without it. Not that Obama gives a shit. I didn’t build it after all.

  8. It was very very difficult but I watched the video. Her speech impediment is horrid. I hate lisping, that alone should have kept the women off the air..

    Anyway, private employers and government contractors still have the box, for now.

    But people whose wages are directly paid by tax payers have no box.

  9. It’s statistically impossible to claim their is no bias in the justice system. Of course there is. I’m sure there are black judges that are biased against whites, and all sorts of other biases. It’s human nature. But there isn’t enough to account for the incarceration gap between whites and blacks.

    Stipulations are made so the discussion can move past what shouldn’t be argued so you can get to what should be.

    Stipulations are made to kneecap the progressive arguments that are designed to keep one mired in an area that keeps the focus off of them.
    You should try it, it is an effective tack.

  10. Statistically, if a young inner city black man appears before a judge, he’s probably guilty and probably a repeat offender. Statistically the TSA should be checking people that’s origin is the Middle East. But they don’t. Conclusion, libtards lack logic which will eventually get a bunch of us killed.

  11. From Fur:”Blacks emulating things white people do are also ridiculed.”

    Only by black people. Most white people seeing this just see their neighbors and friends.

  12. My theory. Blacks are lazy. They want what whitey has. But they ain’t going to work for it. So they steal it, get caught and go to jail. The blacks in jail are the lucky blacks. They were not shot to death when caught commiting a crime.

  13. “For now.” That’s the pertinent phrase.
    This is the real “foot in the door” the left speaks of.

    1/5th of all people employed in the U.S. are public employees.
    (Nationalize health care and it jumps considerably. It’s nearly 20% of our GDP.)

  14. Not true.
    White progressives ridicule things white people do.
    See my comment on Bill Maher calling Barack Obama “Wayne Brady,” which was meant to say Brady is too white. And too white is a bad thing.

  15. If you stipulate bias, you cede your point.
    Make them prove bias. Statistics don’t mean shit in the real world. Cops and judges don’t say (or shouldn’t) “Gee, nationwide, 438 negroes were arrested in the past 24 hours, so we gots to arrest 7300 whites and asians so that there’s no statistical disadvantage.” Negroes commit crime far beyond their populational percentage.

    That’s just a cold, hard fact.

  16. Why were you recruiting out of the penal system? Curious

  17. I’m seeing more and more lazy white people with each passing day.
    How do you account for that?
    What’s your theory?

  18. I think he’s saying there’s bias in both directions, but that THAT is not the point he’s making.

  19. Nope. You’ve never heard white Lefties calling a conservative black an “Uncle Tom” or “Acting white” or “not authentic black”? Really?!

  20. “Socialism is the only ideology on Earth that could make a German lazy.”

    (quote from East Germany)

  21. Oh you are so right. Jumping straight to a bottom line rather than dancing on the head of pins Progs always want to obfuscate with is very effective. e. g. instead of arguing statistical minutiae about gun control try just going to (stipulating) that the argument ultimately is that with 350 million guns scattered among 320 million people there is no practical way to confiscate them. If they want to argue that gong door to door to millions of homes with search warrants and millions of cops is a serious option, let them make fools of themselves.

  22. No. Stipulate bias because it is human nature to be biased. It’s a stupid point to try and argue against, and you are going to lose that argument.
    That’s the arena the left wants you in.

    You say, “you’re right, there are naturally going to be biases. But there isn’t a chance in hell that bias accounts for the incarceration rate we are seeing among blacks. There simply isn’t enough bias in the system that can skew the percentages so wildly. So there must be another answer. Let’s talk about that.”

    So now bias is tossed away as a reason.
    And no one in particular was demonized because we said bias is a natural condition of all humans, so, no need to get so defensive.

  23. Exactly.
    I’m tired of the “black brain just inferior to us white folk” mentality, when entire white nations have embraced socialism/ communism and every other ism designed to topple capitalism – the ism that rewards hard work.

    Entire white nations have committed mass genocide. So much for the greatness of white people.

    And I’m seeing more and more white people in this country embracing laziness as a way of life.

    I just can’t behind the white supremacy movement because my eyes are open and I don’t like what I’m seeing.

    Conservative whites? I’m proud to be in that demographic. And I’m equally as proud of the black conservative, Hispanic conservative, hell, ANY CONSERVATIVE.

    Conservatism is not a whites-only club.
    And being white doesn’t make you a conservative any more than being black “makes you lazy.”

  24. Again it’s culture not race, the vast majority of blacks live in the ghetto where they esteem gangster life.

    Mix in the progressive curse on the black family from abortion, welfare and brainwashing from the plantation overseers aka community organizers and others.

    You wind up with larger numbers of criminals of the african persuasion.

  25. Not trying to be a dick, but to “… stipulate that there is bias against black people in the justice system …” is a tacit admission that the “justice system” is at fault and is the point of contention and must, somehow, be changed to accommodate the criminal elements of the negro community. That is different from ‘all people are biased, so I would stipulate that those biases may play some small part.’

  26. Not to be a dick, but I really don’t think you’re getting my point at all.

    You’ve half-quoted me, which is frustrating, and tells me that you’ve seen one part of a sentence and got fixated on it like it’s a shiny balloon, and I don’t think you’ve read the follow-ups that clarify the position.

    “I am willing to stipulate that there is bias against black people in the justice system, but it is in no way so prevalent that it could account for this stunning statistic,”

    has simply become (per your re-quote) “stipulate that there is bias against black people in the justice system.”

    I’m done with this conversation because we are not really having one, are we?

    What you’ve done is a little like the movie company that takes a reviewer’s quote that says “This is the greatest example of how not to make a movie” -bfh

    and runs an ad that says

    “This is the greatest..” -bfh

  27. “My theory. Blacks are lazy”
    That’s a pretty broad brush. Are you referencing Hatians, Niggerians, Somalia s, etc etc.
    I watched a Stossel special sometime back on a topic very close to this. Long story short Blacks that imigrated to this country had a good chance of becoming self employed and ow wring their own businesses. They used Hatians in Florida for an example.

  28. And what is the corellation of number of crimes committed by black men opposed to the number of black men arrested, convicted and/or imprisoned ?

    And how come that ratio might be more pertinent and material although still not conclusive to any discrimination argument.

  29. You’d have to believe that white people were skating on crimes such as rape, murder, violent robberies, armed robberies, to think that this would account for the prison population lopsidedness.
    We van remove drug offenses and it would still be skewed.
    I don’t think whites are skating on these crimes because they are white, no.

  30. Simply put, if they could ever become self-respecting ( not self-worshipping) example: parking EXACTLY in the middle of a gas station parking lot so no gas customers nor store customer can use that space…
    If they could put their self inflated ego aside while the submit themselves to an employer, open to learn, HUMBLE themselves, yes it would look different.
    The law is there to keep the unlawful people behind bars, so that the good can hum along.
    But this racial inequality bit is a false narrative.
    It’s not transparent. (Hello affirmative action).
    If unlawful black persons won’t come to understand what is GOOD, should everyone else have to suffer this by reducing the standards of the law?
    Are they/have they been cursed by the Creator?
    Except for the account of Noah’s 3 sons, don’t have much else to go on.

  31. So, conservative black leaders can have a POWERFUL voice, if the racial PC is dropped.
    Can only from God. Only!!!!!!!!

  32. I’m not keen on dissecting problems. I’m the solution guy. Train and arm our felon population, and release in the middle east. Maybe include remote neck bombs.

  33. Hey, Fur, what Ive seen written/complained about is this, in one specific demo, is that “whitey” legislators (conspiracy or not) decided to make cocaine arrests lesser crimes and crack arrests greater crimes because “in the ghetto,” they could only afford crack and the white collars could afford cocaine.
    That’s the reason or excuse I’ve read about , but would never have bothered to verify.
    Frankly, since I have never done drugs, I don’t care.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m listening to some old Richard Feynman lectures.

  34. Why are you seeing so many lazy white people, like those taking SSDI when they probably shouldn’t?

    Many I would venture, see the astronomical percentage of blacks and other minorities on welfare and just say fuck it. Hell the fucking government encourages it.

    The constant messaging from this administration about 5% unemployment lead many to believe they are worthless as they’re lucky to get almost anything.

    Also the labor market and illegal immigration has taken millions of people out of feeling like working for a living is worth it. When it ‘s reported that you can sit on your ass and collect benefits that corresponds to a working family of 4 making over $60,000, seriously, it’s very tempting for many to just give in.

    Finally, the intense work ethic that I and my generation, the last for all intends and purposes to have it, was brought up with is most definitely out of vogue. It just so happened that blacks were targeted first.

    Too bad. But that’s the way it ends. Too many people are happy with their blocks of government cheese.

  35. Your headline itself is incorrect.

    While black men are about 6% of the population, the crime committing age range is only 3%.

    How’s that grab you? 3% of our population commit over half the violent crime.

  36. There may be some bias, but not enough to for such a disparity. The cause is three or more generations of fatherless males in the Black community. Their role models are criminal and thugs.The penal system is their institution of higher learning.

    Recall that 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden was killed in St. Louis by a stray from a drive by shooting. No one knows who the perp is, or a least they aren’t telling.

    Meanwhile BLM was out protesting in St. Louis the same day.

    From a viral video:

    “Last night, who do you think they protested for? The thug. The criminal. Because they’re hollering police brutality. Are you fucking kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality. You black people, my black people, you are the most violent motherfuckers I have ever seen in my life. A little girl is dead. You say black lives matter? Her life mattered. Her dreams mattered … Yet you trifling motherfuckers are out there tearing up the neighborhood I grew up in.You’re hollering this ‘black lives matter’ bullshit. It don’t matter. You’re killing each other. White people don’t care … You’re shooting at the police. They drop your ass. ‘Oh, he died due to police brutality.’ 327 homicides later y’all want to holler police brutality? Black people, you’re a fucking joke. You’re tearing up communities over thugs and criminals.

    -Peggy Hubbard

    Inner city Black Culture is what it is, and it isn’t whitey’s fault.

    And that’s that.

  37. And that’s exactly what the socialists are going to emphasize. You’ve seen it with Carson, Trump, Cruz, Reagan, Bush … if you cede nothing to them in the first place, they have no quote to hang on. But, for the sake of this discussion, with people who are attempting to debate honestly, you are absolutely above board. I don’t think the pernicious purveyors of perfidy, the MSM, Politiho, MSNBC, et. al., will debate honestly.

  38. What we know:
    1) There is bias in the system
    2) 50% of the Prison Population is Black
    3) In one of the few places on the planet where the accused have their day in court with free representation and an appeals process like no other.
    Everything else is chaff.

  39. To figure out what reason this exists, think about what you think when you hear about some crime where someone is killed for some paltry amount of cash by some criminal mastermind who did the deed in front of numerous security cameras in a place known to have numerous security cameras. What’s the most likely description of such an incompetent and easily prosecuted criminal…

    And know you know what blacks are half of the prison population… Because many of them are insufferably fucking stupid, impulsive, and violent.

  40. My point is, I am ceding nothing.
    I’m saying there are biases in the judicial system because, duh, it’s human nature.

    Lefties are biased in that they are easier on minorities.

    I am not prepared to argue that there aren’t judges out there that might be harder on minorities.

    It’s not worth arguing because it’s statistically impossible that there aren’t.

    As Breitbart would say, “so?”

    Stipulate that there are biases and follow it by saying what I said, “that whatever biases there are are negligible and cannot account for what we are seeing in the justice system. And focusing on bias is not the answer to the question ‘why are blacks disproportionally represented in our prisons?'”

    Geez, the bias in the other direction offsets a considerable amount of the other bias.

    And I’m not just trying obfuscate the question and answer.
    I really do not believe for a second bias has anything to do with the prison population.

    Blacks ARE committing a disproportionate amount of crime by race.
    To say otherwise is ridiculous.

  41. …libtards lack logic…


    I read and understood BFH’s point about stipulating that there is some bias but that it cannot come anywhere near explaining the huge racial incarceration discrepancy. That argument only works if both sides of it use and accept logical reasoning. That, and only that, is why BFH’s approach will not carry any weight with anyone not already aware that he’s right. I’ll stipulate that there may be exceptions, but submit that they will be rarities.

  42. “You didn’t commit that crime. Someone else committed that crime.”

    —Barack Obama talking to white people in general.

  43. Yeah, no kidding. When blacks ’emulate’ white behavior they are ‘ridiculed’ by blacks, ’employed’ by whites or ‘worked for’ by whites.

    This is actually as racist as it gets; to rename positive behavior by blacks as ‘being white.’ That’s all-around racism right there from many different angles.

  44. The other day I was talking with Mr. V. over at and telling him about he MAOA-L “gene” (enzyme) studies that were done, according one of the articles about it, “scores” of studies over 15 years ago. Fur posted a story about this last month.

    A link on the story’s page took me to a blog called “SBPDL”

    I mentioned this blog to Mr. V. and he said “Oh yeah, I read that all then time.” I’m always the last to know anything!

    Anyway, quite an interesting blog to say the least. They take the black-on-white crime stories and make in-depth commentary on them. Something’s not right about the level of cruelty perpetrated by these people on their victims. It’s definitely a form of overkill.

  45. So how do they explain the fact that the majority of people in prison are male. It’s got to be sexist…..right. Morons!

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