Black, Millennial, Female and… Conservative

Antonia Okafor, a young, single, black woman, recently discovered that’s she’s a racist, sexist, misogynist. How in the world did this happen?

She explains:

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  1. She certainly presented that in a straight forward way. It is sad to me that she lost friends for asking questions but good for her for searching for the truth. Welcome Antonia.

  2. She’s pro 2nd amendment and pro choice. How does she feel about affirmative action? I’m very cynical of black “conservatives” I’ve been disappointed too many times. Most of the time black “conservatives” are just smart enough to have figured out how to jump to the front of the line on the right side as opposed to being somewhere in the middle of the line on the left. Everything she has been saying is still thru the lens of “What is best for blacks and for women.” True conservatives look out for the best interest of Americans.

  3. Smart Lady and she IS asking the right questions. I like her attitude and style. She needs to become a voice heard by many, she has chosen not a victim but someone that can lead.
    I like her message

  4. She will have better acquaintances here which will become lifelong friendships. Welcome aboard Ma’am!

  5. It pays to have a father who freely emigrated to the US. Cause he would be aware that blacks are capable of treating other blacks in a way that would cause all but the most vicious Southern racist to get sick to their stomach.

    For example, fifty years ago in the US, one group of Americans turned firehoses on their fellow black citizens. Fifty years ago, in Nigeria, where Okafor is probably from, one group of Nigerians caused 1,000,000 of their fellow black citizens (Biafrans) to starve to death

  6. She didn’t lose any friends those folks were piss poor excuses as real Americans and now she can see the truth . As the saying goes” sunlight disinfect “

  7. Great conservative testimonial designned to get the attention of minority millennials who are beginning to see the cracks in the leftist agenda.
    It does not seem to be geared towards seasoned constitutional conservatives who know the Obamas are commiw tools with no redeeming features to admire. Nice to see more black Americans choosing conservatism – even if moderate, at first. It’s a good start.

  8. She’s lovely. I hope she gets more involved in the pro life movement. This should be a defining issue for black Americans. Planned Parenthood and the promotion of abortion is the epitome of racism in this country.

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