Black Panther Defense Minister leaves Congress to spend more time with his hate group

Sultan Knish: After the last of the old Senate Democrat Klansmen rode off into the sunset, it’s the turn of the longest serving former official of a racist hate group to throw his own retirement party.

Rep. Bobby Rush, the former Deputy Minister of Defense for the Black Panthers, announced that he’s joining his fellow Democrats fleeing the sinking ship ahead of the midterms, not for political reasons mind you, but in order to spend more time with his grandchildren.

“I don’t want to be a historical figure to my grandchildren,” Rush said. That stands to reason considering his history.

Rush was recruited by Stokely Carmichael, a deranged bigot who would later describe Adolf Hitler as “the greatest white man”, to form a Black Panther chapter in Chicago.

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  1. Follow the money. These types are not social justice warriors. They are financial opportunists. One look tells me this guy is approaching his retirement “golden years”. He’s packing his golden parachute with this life career move. Apparently there wasn’t enough graft available in politics to satisfy him.

    He’s just another parasite.

  2. “After the last of the old Senate Democrat Klansmen rode off into the sunset”


    I have more respect for Rush than most of those racist phonies in Congress. Rush does not pretend to be anything other than what he is, a whitey-hating opportunist whose only goal is the advancement of his race, regardless of the fall out to the country.

    Unlike his colleagues, who also all hate whitey (even the white liberals who are awash with guilt and self-loathing) and who view justice solely through the prism of racial identity, his agenda is not concealed but in your face.

  3. Hey Bobby, seeing that you represent much of the South side of Chitcago would you deem it safe to take your grandchildren for a walk?

  4. Good riddance to this POS scumbag. He leaves quite a rich legacy. One of his sons, Huey Rich’ was shot during a drug deal. Another son, Jeffrey Rush, who was a prison guard for IDOC, a job he obviously obtained thru Daddy’s clout was fired for having sex with female inmates. He also had a nephew killed in a drug deal.

  5. Guys like him hold the largest measure of contempt for the “black community” than even his hatred for white people. He knows how money motivated he his to keep up the facade of racism — that’s his bread and butter. His steak and lobster is exploiting and grifting off the millions allocated to “my people.”

  6. Oh no… he looks close to the end of the line. Then we will all have to suffer thru endless accolades, having his body stink up the capitol rotunda, flags at half-staff, and then the anti-gun bills in Congress named after this criminal POS.

  7. …it’s MLK Day, so this thread on a Black Panther seems like as good a place as any to put a Black Man’s speculation on what it would be like if Martin Luther King Jr. Were to come back today and see the fruits of his labors as they are now (couple of decades ago “now”)…


  8. Watching local news.

    CAN WE STOP WITH THE MLK DEIFICATION ALREADY? Revisionist leftist history is brainwashing and totally untrue. I am sick of it.

    I remember the day he was shot. He was thought to be the source of all the racial division and the race riots.
    MLK was a divider. He was no saint, but he is being cast as something he is not.


  9. We, as Americans, don’t know Washington’s Birthday, Patrick Henry’s birthday, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, John Adams, Ben Franklin, FDR, JFK, RFK, Ronald Reagan birthdays.

    But you’d best prostate yourselves before Martin Luther King, OR ELSE.

    Fuck that shit. MLK was a miserable nothing.

  10. @PHenry ~ well, I do know that Robert E. Lee’s birthday is in 2 days

    never can get Washington’s birthday right … it’s that old Gregorian Calendar vs. the Julian Calendar thing … is it the 11th? the 22nd?

    … & another ‘fact’ is MLK Day was dying out as just another day off like Columbus Day (anyone remember Obammie celebrating it? … me neither) … now, this year it becomes important again. ask yourself, what’s changed? … other than the old ‘we have to start shaming whitey again’ schtick … so tiring

  11. The way Biden tells it, he was on that balcony when he saw James Earl Ray point the rifle. He was about to jump in the path of the bullet but Cornpop stopped him, knowing he was later destined for great things.

  12. His name wasn’t Martin Luther King.

    Harry Angel: “Louis Cyphere”… “Lucifer”. Even your NAME is a dime store joke.


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