‘Black Panther’ Marchers Were Actors

Atlanta Armed ‘Black Panther’ Marchers Were Actors Dressed in Costumes

The Truth About Guns – They said they were Black Panthers, and they looked the part with all-black attire and black berets adorned with a cat-head patch. Their leader was a tall, thin black woman armed with an assault rifle and a determined look. Photos of the group popped up in local news outlets, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but also in the British tabloid press.

“Armed female Black Panther leads her comrades including a white recruit on a march through Georgia,” The Daily Mail wrote in an online story about the June 3 demonstration Decatur. The story featured several dramatic photos and embedded Instagram posts.

It is easy to see why the group attracted attention. In a moment of fury over police shootings of black people, the group was perfectly cast. Maybe too perfect.

Within a few days, an activist on Twitter sussed out that the group was comprised of models and actors from Atlanta’s film and entertainment industries.

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  1. That didn’t stop them from trying to shake down white people in cars for reparation cash. damn good way to get shot up. Of the 178 armed clowns that showed up, a good percentage were carrying shotguns and AR Pistols. Many weapons had no sights on top of the gun. A few weapons were reportedly airsoft guns. The leader has had some military training. I watched this on several of the “Militia” type sights and found it amazing none of these military strategist even mentioned Over Watch. Particularly with that terrain. Particularly when your enemy is armed for inside 100 yards.
    I’m wondering what would have happened had a couple Militias shown up. Strange shit.

  2. This could have gone like dressing up like a bank robber, going into a bank and acting like you’re robbing it.

    Then being surprised when folks that don’t know you’re acting turn your head into a canoe.

  3. When the patriots come for them
    it won’t be no PLAY ACTING Bruuuupppp….

  4. So what’s the odds on the Stone Mountain BLM armed protesters…….

    Of July 4th…..being the same group….?

  5. Like Maude said in “History of the World, pt.I”

    “Oh… so you’re a BULLSHIT artist?” 🙄

  6. As a precaution, should these vermin ever enter your little town, like mine, and start tearing it apart:

    Just make sure you know beforehand which neighbors, friends, etc. use the same ammo as you do, in case you (or they) run out.

  7. They were from the local Potemkin Village Chapter of the Black Panthers.
    Potemkin Panthers… if you will.

  8. Talk about actors! Just read that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has it’s first transgender model in the mag. Wonder how many liberal guys are going to be ‘spanking the monkey’ to that pic?!? LMAO

  9. You know Biden will be all ‘over’ that SI issue and leave it with a lot of sticky pages.

  10. OK I’ll ask some questions.
    IF the Firearms were real, Were any on the Actors convicted felons?
    Did the Liberals PUT FIREARMS in the hands of Felons?

    Also since we read numerous account where they swarmed and blocked White Motorists access . Can the actors and their company/producers be charged with a number of HATE CRIMES? An what about Civil (LAWSUITS) actions?

  11. Oh please, fake, phony, frauds. I’m sick inside of the fear these people are causing for us. Disgusting. She said it’s not the first time she took to the street. Oh pleeeease again.

    God Bless us all!


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