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Bumped – Black Purdue Students Demand Free Speech be “Revised”

Hundreds of African American students and faculty members rallied against perceived racism at Purdue University this past weekend, holding signs and chanting things such as “Hey, hey, ho, ho, racism has got to go” and “Hell no, we won’t go.”
The students also released a set of demands, listed in Purdue’s student paper and first nationally reported on by iOTW Report.

Among students’ demands, they call on Purdue to “revise” their “free speech policy” based on what they believe is “hate speech.”

Part of the list reads, “We demand that the free speech policy be revised to address hate speech in person and through social media. We demand the university to follow harassment policies consistently to protect students from hostility.”

Purdue’s official policy on free speech and “hate” reads:

In a word, the University’s fundamental commitment is to the principle that debate or deliberation may not be suppressed because the ideas put forth are thought by some or even by most members of the University community to be offensive, unwise, immoral, or wrong-headed. It is for the individual members of the University community, not for the University as an institution, to make those judgments for themselves, and to act on those judgments not by seeking to suppress speech, but by openly and vigorously contesting the ideas that they oppose.

This is not good enough for students at Purdue. Students believe that speech that they find offensive should be silenced, or at the very least not allowed to be freely expressed.

They also want the university to “more actively and effectively advertise and utilize the Report Hate & Bias program.”

Among other things demanded by the students, they “demand that there be a 20 percent increase of underrepresented minority faculty and staff by the 2019-2020 school year” as well as “there be a 30 percent increase of underrepresented minority students by the 2019-2020 school year.”

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  1. Yep, just like blacks ruined urban high schools forever, they’ve now got their sights on ruining universities too. The irony is that if not for the plethora of non-rigorous bullshit soft victim studies majors rife with idiotic marxist ideology, most of these clowns couldn’t last a year in a real college curriculum. Most of them don’t graduate for the mere fact that they can’t pass basic freshmen level requirements like English composition and college algebra.

    Their real issue is not bad treatment. Everyone kisses black ass these days. Been that way for years. Their issue is really brain envy. Many of them are morons, completely unfit for college, and they know it. But their innate lack of integrity forces them to destroy education for others, since they lack the capacity to leverage education for themselves. Just think of college as a big MacDonalds line, and STEM degrees are the Big Macs the brothers can’t afford. So they throw a fit and ruin it for everyone.

    #BLM = Scum of the Earth

  2. The correct response to the students is: “You are now officially expelled. Be off the campus by 5pm.”
    But, alas, those in charge are at least as stupid as the students they pretend to educate. More proof that a college education is now worthless.

  3. Where in hell are they going to find 20-30% more scientists and engineers among the minorities? Just another attempt to dumb down the hard sciences.

    Don’t cave to the neo-Fascists, Mitch Daniels.

  4. I’d love to see Dean come out and start with the words of the fool at Yale, “Yes, we have failed you…” And then finish with, “Really… We failed all of you. Crews are back at the dorms packing up your stuff. You have 12 hours to move your items off campus, or it will be dumped at the gate. Please leave and never come back.”

  5. Some days I think the ones with these demands would be happier or less unhappy if they just returned to segregated schools.

    However, I tend to believe they don’t really want issues resolved, what they really want is division and chaos.

  6. They want to fight racism by using racism to determine employment in the faculty?

    If they want to be taught by a bunch of ignorant Mau-Maus, not unlike themselves, then why don’t they emmigrate to where there are NO white people and ALL the faculty positions are held by Mau-Maus? Like Detroit? Or Zimbabwe? Or Nigeria?

    If they ever GET what they DEMAND, I guarantee you that they will be a miserable gaggle of racists.

  7. You would almost think the Universities are run by progressives, liberals, socialists, marxists and unions.

    Thank God these puddin’ heads are not representative of the majority of the younger generation. (please insert any word you choose for puddin’).

    Now look at the young veterans who served and are serving their country and make a comparison with these self-serving, irrelevant, pampered, pussified idiots.

  8. What I noticed is that they’ve been dragging in non-blacks to these rallies. Seems like less and less blacks are interested in the work and so they have to fill in empty seats with Asians and whatever. What does that pay? A bump in grades? $15 an hour? LOL

  9. I read that Dartmouth reduced SAT scores for blacks by 250 points to get blacks in (screaming F*ck Whitey).

    How low were the Purdue scores? How many qualified whites and Asians were kept out so these losers could get in – undoubtedly with free tuition, housing and probably a cash grant.

  10. Next, they will demand the college of science at every university be closed. You see, science is based on facts and objective reality . . . both of which have clearly discriminated against the black lives [don’t] matter members.

    /I’m saying they are stupid and useless.

  11. Purdue has over 30,000 students, and this photograph shows literally dozens of students (many of them looking suspiciously non-black) at this “rally.” And as far as getting something published in a campus newspaper, that’s no big thing – just spout off some leftist bullshit and the student editors will print it because (a) they want to be considered cutting edge, and (b) no one really reads it or takes it seriously anyway.

    Mitch Daniels can, and probably should just safely ignore these folks and their whining poetry. Most Purdue students are pretty mainstream and more concerned about their football team (bad) and basketball team (should be pretty good) than more statistical analysis of race or who is offended by what. Purdue is pretty midwestern in terms of values, and cold weather should hit pretty soon which will drive these folk back from whence they came.

  12. If I were hiring now and saw they graduated from X University within the last 10 years (I’m being nice), I’d consider it an equivalent of a High School diploma.

    When someone says they graduated from a university nowadays, they may as well have said they beat top score in Donkey Kong.

  13. One of the Communist goals with gaining control over the Colleges is to pollute the rolls of available Officer Candidates.
    I’d say they won on this score.
    If I had any one of these modern dufuses as an infantry officer I would have to make sure he had an accident on the first patrol so I could at least keep some of our men alive.

  14. Brick and mortar universities are like newspapers. In ten years, they’ll all be Ethnic Studies Centers completely controlled by the Federal Government, too.

    Online or learn a trade, kids. Anything else is a waste of time and money.

  15. hey! hey! ho! ho!…hey niggers…come-up with something new! you fucking hip-hop rymen motherfuckers! quit using this old sixties shit and come-up with something new. Your all dead as I speak…we the whites will wipe you stiken niggers out soon!

  16. How are all these comments so hateful? Cop up there says he’d have his colleague have an accident cuz he doesn’t like where he went to school? What’s wrong with you??

  17. Down here in Bloomington, Indiana University admits LOTS of Illinois students — they like all that increased out-of-state tuition $$.

    A game that they play between in-state vs. out-of-state dollars.

  18. Wait, a fan of the University of Illinois is insulting Purdue, claiming lower academic standards and perhaps a more liberal student population?


  19. Do you realize that the reason for the rally was because the Purdue Administration sent out a message saying that unlike Iowa and Yale, they would uphold the principles of Free Speech?

    That is why the left is targeting Purdue and agitating.

  20. Purdue is pretty mainstream compared to the general Midwestern population. Which makes it extremely right-wing in comparison to most Universities, sadly.

  21. This headline should be revised. “A Few Dozen Students at Purdue Protest Against Free Speech Policy.”

    There, fixed it for you.

  22. Except that the guy who got top score at Donkey King might eventually be useful if we are ever invaded by aliens animating 1980s’era video games. These students, not so much.

  23. It was over 300 points reduced for black males when I applied to Harvard, and something like 200 reduced for Hispanics. There was a reduction for white females … of 10 points. Good times.

  24. Well, I agree. The definition of hate speech should include prohibition on calling someone ‘racist’; additionally the terms ‘white privilege’ and ‘male privilege’ should be banned as they are extremely hateful and hurtful.

    They should also ban demands for changing the faculty to match some racial, gender, religious or other category. As the demand for selection of faculty based on these types of criteria are hateful.

  25. I’m guessing a lot of these folks aren’t students but agitators. Most of the students who actually want an education are in class, or studying.

  26. hey, hey, ho, ho, black lives matter has got to go. no, really. you’re expelled. you have to go. leave. adios, mo fo.

  27. I think they should demand an increase of 30 percent underrepresented minority athletes into the starting line-up of the Purdue football team; I wonder what the racial make-up of the team would be then? And do you think the win-loss record would improve, or not?

  28. They are just finally being heard by someone, prior to this all they ever got was “shut up and eat your peas” at home. Now feeling empowered by the new status moniker of ‘college student’ they will shout and yell and act out. Turning a university to a uno-voice is some how appealing to the young dumb pea eaters.

    … and yes a college education sure seems worthless now-a-days

  29. Perdue, another bites the college list. They are already full on-liberal. What conservative would send their child there now?

  30. I get it, I come up with my own list of words that make me feel intimidated and then take whatever self defense measures necessary to make me feel safe again.

  31. The first thing I thought of when viewing the picture was “I would not hire any of them.” Perhaps they will find others who will do the same?

  32. The girl on the right has been smoking dope, I’m shocked she made it there. If any of these were my kids, I would pull the money now.

  33. Now, now, the students are just exercising their right to free speech. They don’t have a right to make anybody listen to them though.

  34. Without God, all is impossible.
    With God, ALL is possible.
    “Racism”, can end.
    Because the “black inferiority complex”
    can be extinguished with Him.
    But, since America has become so secularized,
    this is what we must deal with.
    And the illegal Mexicans, And the refugees.
    But NO! Don’t talk about Jesus.
    No, that’s unconstitutional, separation of church and state.
    Happening in Germany now, in their churches.
    Their leadership is telling the rest hush hush.

    What do you say.

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