Black Rapper Lyncher Cold-Cocked

This happened in June. This is the rapper that “bravely” hung a little white boy in one of his videos.

Here we see him cold-cocked by a guy while he is “singing.’

A couple of observations.

1: How is it his inane droning continues even after he’s flattened onto the stage? It’s not hard to believe he’s lip-syncing. It’s hard to believe he’s lip-syncing and it’s still that friggin’ awful. This is the best this “talent” can do even when it’s prerecorded?

2: Why is his 40 IQ security team continuing to pummel the attacker once he is restrained? Are these idiots held to a different standard than the cops they protest are? They should be brought up on charges.

It’s still an entertaining video, though, to see this shitstain laid out on the stage like a carp on the deck of a boat.

ht/ annie

25 Comments on Black Rapper Lyncher Cold-Cocked

  1. Who’s Rob Stone and why does he need be F*cked Up?

    Can karma catch up to a person before they act like a total A-hole or do we have an even larger karmic even waiting for this jerk for doing the lynching video?

  2. He got carried off in the arms of his lover. The little sissy. His “bodyguards” all walking around puffed up like the asshole that dared the cops to arrest him. Funny stuff, another keeper.

  3. I hope they paid $40 a ticket. My guess the guy knew he would have one chance to get it right and he did.
    That rapper went from perpendicular to parallel universe real quick. His “security detail” was not even paying attention.

  4. It was just the knock out game. That dude didn’t do nofin.

    Or is it a violent attack and not funny when the target is other than Caucasian? Damn P.C., just when you think you are getting to understand the new normal they change the rules again.

  5. Most of these ghetto dustups involve one or more orders of flying chicken nuggets, and I didn’t see them here. So, I’m not sure if this qualifies as a conflict, or just a lively discussion.

  6. Remember when performers wore shoes and actually sang? All you gotta do nowadays is run a tape and mouth “peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter”
    Sound guy was pretty quick at shutting the scam
    Down. Gotta give him credit for that.

  7. See that arm stick up as he was on the floor?

    Dude was not singing at that point. That’s a messed up brain signal.

    “Too much testosterone in one building. Sheesh!”

    You made me laugh and wonder if a fight broke out at a concert or a concert broke out at a fight.


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