Black Rifle Coffee Company

When they say they DGAS, they mean they DGAS.

Not the most subtle video I’ve ever seen, but they don’t care what I think, either.


The ISIS Button.

ht/ PHenry

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  1. I’ve been buying coffee from these guys for awhile now. Actually subscribed to their Coffee of the Month Club.
    If you’re as sick of Yuppie sludge as I am, give them a shot!…
    (No pun intended…)

  2. Just sayen, Text book clearing a hall way with an AR. I love these guys shit because they ARE the real deal and there’s a science to running a gun.

  3. The still picture on the front page. Mag swap. Dig your strong side elbow into your side, weak hand grabs the mag as high as possible, watch the mag into the gun, sling shot slide, back on target. G19.
    I have not ordered any of their coffee yet. But that will change tomorrow.

  4. I spent Friday morning watching their vids…hilarious. My son just ordered about six different coffees from them, they’re on the way.

    Loved the ISIS button.

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