Black student accused of ‘hate speech’ over cartoons in school newspaper

Muse black student alleged offensive cartoon of black people

EAG: DOVER, Del. – Students at Wesley College are issuing school officials a list of demands after the independent student newspaper, The Whetstone, published allegedly racist cartoons last Friday.

Black student Bryheim Muse created two cartoons for the newspaper that apparently offended some of his classmates and prompted the school’s black student union to sound off on Muse’s “hate speech,”- more

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  1. That first cartoon is particularly good – simple, effective, pointedly critical of something that deserves criticism.


  2. I’m never offended… More importantly, the comments on the Starbucks post has made my month. IOTW should save classics like that.

  3. apparently this is a wesleyan college? yes, no maybe?

    the wesleyans – ie methodists – long ago surrendered to the abortion rights and gay marriage activists…..they have also declared that health care should be provided by the government, and climate change is the worst thing in the history of the world, and it doesn’t matter how many people starve to death or die, as long as we can prevent the level of atmospheric CO2 from rising…..but no one should be allowed to protect themselves by OWNING A GUN!!!!

    i mean, GOD FORBID!!!!!!

    why is such a right-thinking black cartoonist attending such a wrong-thinking school in the first place?????

    there’s better places to spend your tuition money……….

  4. even a cis straight white male (politically on par with garbage nowdays) understands the huge problem with the rampant black abortion epidemic.

    Just think about it. The Klan back in its peak couldn’t ask for more than what they are doing to themselves today.

    It’s something that can almost move a person to tears if you think about it too long. They are eradicating themselves and fighting and clawing and spitting and screaming in the streets for the right to do so.

  5. Oh, I thought it was that the black girl in the illustration was appropriating white culture with the blonde hair and all the white students were threatening riots.

    No? Maybe next time? That’s never going to happen? huh.

  6. The Cartoonist should have created another one, A cartoon with a big fat black woman at a Walmart customer service desk and inside the caption bubble , these words: ” I don’t wants no refunds, I just wants my monies back,”.

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