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Black Student Union Demands Fried Chicken

Among the list of 14 demands handed to the president of Oberlin College were the immediate firing of 10 faculty members, “exclusive black safe-spaces” and fried chicken in the cafeteria.



Maybe they’d like separate water fountains.



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  1. In order to show solidarity with their oppressed ancestors, they should put themselves in chains and let themselves be whipped by Arab slave traders.

    (I don’t own chains since I live in Florida, but I think it wouldn’t take much effort to scare up some Arab slavers.)

  2. Got it all wrong – the porch monkeys eat fried nigger dicks…it’s the jungle bunnies that eat fried chicken. Especially the pickaninnies….right after singing good ole nigger work songs.

  3. Imagine if the administration had suggested it instead of the cry-bullies?

    Like “Okay, okay. We see that you’re mad. How about we start serving fried chicken in the cafeteria? Would that make you feel better?”

    Oh, the shitstorm that would ensue.

  4. Black safe spaces??

    I never thought about demanding a color for my safe space!

    Mine is gunna be Fushia. And everything will be THUPER!

  5. Blacktivists are the biggest fucking morons anywhere, and they’re too stupid to know what their actual job is.

    Poor and working class blacks suffer mostly from economic disadvantages that they share with other races, mostly (gasp!) poor & working class whites. Blacktivists usually aren’t that poor and come from middle class or upper middle class homes.

    Poor and working class blacks may have a prayer of getting a better deal as a group if they organize by economic class rather than race. But they just love hatin’ whitey too much. They love calling some dude in the same economic situation as them a “crackuh” and “privileged” even when it’s obvious to anyone except a progtard and his idiot blacktivists stooge that the working class white dude is anything but privileged.

    But poor and working class blacks will keep losing just like white working class and Latino working class will keep getting screwed because the race peddling assholes who are mostly middle and upper class brats of all races, keep dividing the poorer classes – probably intentionally – by race. And then they use race politics as an excuse to spew blatant class hatred all the time, provided their targets are whites.

  6. ‘Poor’ blacks are not suffering at all except for what they do to themselves. They have all the free-time in the world and have better lives than Joe Whitey working 60 hours a week and commuting 20, who can only hope for a few hours on Sunday to vej in front of the TV with a few beers. Yeah he gets to check if his commute is going well on a Rolex (maybe) but who cares? His time is being used up. We all only have finite time here and it is the only real possession.

    ‘Poor’ blacks have all the time in the world. Time=Money. It’s amazing how people have lost sight of the fact that money is only a representation of time spent working multiplied by skill level. That blacks don’t have to work and THEN get even more time (money) handed to them means that they are in a state of unreal, super-time. So it’s not just their natural, alotted time as a human, but the addition of others’ time on top of that. Meanwhile a working, white man’s time is not only being used up in work, but half of that time is simply never his (taxation for entitlements) So blacks are very lucky. The fact that they waste their time shooting guns at each other doesn’t pertain to the discussion.

  7. Wouldn’t the ghetto be a black ‘safe space’ then? Not that safe afterall. The first shooting in a black ‘safe space’ in 3,2,1…

  8. Heh. I think I’ll fly out there, take over the cafeteria, and lay some of my grandmother’s fried chicken on them. She was Hungarian, and she made the crust from pulverized corn flakes and yoooge amounts of paprika–approximately 1 T. per serving. They won’t be able to handle it!

  9. Who’s going to supply the fried chicken, KFC or Chik-fil-a? Are they also gonna have a daily allotment of Colt 45 for those over 21 (as if that matters) like the British Navy gave grog to their sailors? And are the chickens and the watermelons going to be organic and free range as well? And can they pay for their free cafeteria chicken and watermelon with EBT cards? And just how much is this going to cost the taxpayers who have to pay for their choice of food?

  10. Doesn’t her highness, FLOTUS have to be consulted regarding the approved menu or is Mooch too busy figuring out what Olympic sport she want to play now that “those girls” can participate?

  11. Damned racist white frat boys must have hacked the list. This is a civil rights violation. But don’t take it off the list just yet.

  12. Fried chicken and biscuits. Mmmmm.
    Po’k chitlins and grits. Not so much …
    Chine bone and kale. Mmmmm.
    String beans, bacon, taters, and cornbread. Mmmmm.
    Pork and black-eyed peas. Mmmmm.
    Watermelon and Muscatel (or MD 20/20). Not so much …

  13. Pretty funny that your link says it’s pronounced Chitlins.

    BTW Wiki is NOT a definitive resource for anything. If you want to see some high quality eye rolling – tell your lawyer you’ve based your defense on what Wiki says.

    It MAY be right about a lot of things, but it is not proofed by any authority. It’s what people THINK is right, so they put it on there. And that’s how our language gets changed. If people see something a lot, they think it’s correct.

  14. I’ve never understood why colleges put up with ANY of this crap. Colleges are businesses, not babysitters.

    Student Handbook
    Section 14b
    “Students who cause trouble get expelled and escorted off campus with a restraining order to never step foot on college property again. No refunds. No exceptions.”

    You sign the agreement when you enroll. Don’t sign, you don’t get accepted. Cause trouble and you’re out, including uncivilized behavior. The handbook is specific about what’s not allowed. Nobody forces you to enroll. Act like adults or get out, and no special bonuses for the ‘oppressed-group-of-the-day’. “My house, my rules.

    “You have ‘demands’? That’s so cute. Now go with this officer to collect your belongings and get them off our property. You don’t have a truck to move all that? Guess you’ll have to guard it on the curb until mommy and daddy get here. Hope they don’t mind the $50 grand you just threw away.

    If you ever come back you’ll be arrested for trespass, PLUS we’re telling all the other colleges about your attitude so they know what kind of person you really are, you special little snowflake.”

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