Black Talk Show Host Says His Male White Co-Host Doesn’t Deserve To Be on the Set With Him

This chubby black guy, Al Jackson, is not only full of Doritos, he’s full of himself. His ego outpaces his intellect to the point of farce. I had a moment when I thought I might be watching satire. All the components were there. But sadly, no. This was real.

The big-brained panel of THE DAILY BLAST were going to wade into the Serena Williams cartoon controversy. Was it racist???

(As a sidebar, I just want to put up this jpeg I made with Serena Williams’ actual mouth on the cartoon.

There. That’s my contribution to that particular discussion. Take it or leave it.)

The black panelist, Al Jackson, uses the moment as an opportunity to launch into a hateful diatribe towards the lone straight, white male conservative on the panel.

To prove the notion of “white privilege” Jackson cites the low number of the white guy’s Twitter and Instagram followers. He says that he has friends with higher numbers and they aren’t on the show, but the white guy with low numbers is.


I was actually embarrassed for the black guy when he said this. Particularly since he only has 35K Twitter followers. By his own juvenile logic he should be off the show and replaced with a white guy who has 36K twitter followers, no?


I’ll ask you this, and this is going to sound like a shot but it’s not. You’re on a social media show and you have a hundred Twitter followers. You have a thousand Instagram followers. I have 30,000. I have a master’s in biomedical sciences. I have over 200 TV appearances. You are the living embodiment of white privilege. You have no business on this panel with us, but you’re here because of your privilege. I have hundreds of black people, brown people in my phone that are more qualified, have done more in their career to deserve to be in that seat. But you sit there, because of your white privilege.

What a moron.

He then goes on to say

I don’t want to talk to you because I don’t want to normalize you and your hate speech. Me working with you will be the biggest regret of my career.

The soccer moms on the panel do their best to be self-loathing empaths, gladly willing to be painted as society’s evil, complete with nauseating “concern faces” and “concern voices” as they assist an angry racist black guy in the demonizing of white people.

You can watch the video here. (My apologies for the title of the video, made by a filthy-mouthed moron.)

I wish I was on the panel with this idiot while he was leveraging the Serena Williams cartoon in an attempt to create larger divisions among the races.

I’d simply ask if there was time to bring Serena’s husband into the discussion.

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20 Comments on Black Talk Show Host Says His Male White Co-Host Doesn’t Deserve To Be on the Set With Him

  1. Wow. With the exception of the chick on the left side of the desk, the convo devolved into “most virtuous butthurt” competition with 2 first place winners.

    Maybe one of the many Black/Brown/ppl of color conservatives Cro-Magnum has on speed dial, will inform him # of followers is not synonymous with IQ, and further his melanin is not proof any of his ancestors were slaves.

    Blondie may think public atonement for her white privilege scored pts with black women. She’d be wrong.

  2. Another race baiting Jackson?
    Just what the world needed, another over-educated biomedical racist idiot on a talk show panel to heal the nation.

  3. “I have hundreds of black people, brown people in my phone that are more qualified, have done more in their career to deserve to be in that seat”

    Maybe when they get out of prison they can audition for your job?

  4. She has a HUGE mouth. As in talks a lot of crap. No racism there.
    The black dude was embarrassing. I thought he was going to start crying and waddle away like 4 year old. “I’m not talking to you anymore! No. I’m mad. You hurt my feewings! Wacist! Moooooooommyyyyyy!!!”

  5. The black guy doesn’t understand the contradiction in his own argument. He initially states that no white person can understand a black person and then goes on to argue that the white guy doesn’t deserve to be on the panel because he’s “less qualified” than other black people the black person knows.

    I’m going to guess that the audience for this show is majority white. Based on the black guy’s initial comment that a white person can’t understand the black experience, doesn’t it make more sense to have a white male talk show guest to speak to the majority white audience?

  6. The thing that got me about this rant, in particular, is that Al Jackson (the black guy), just made the argument for every fireman, police officer, Asian student applying to Harvard etc…that has been negatively affected by Affirmative Action programs. He argues for meritocracy (in a totally racist and demeaning way mind you). Like BFH points out, should someone come along who has a greater social media footprint, well then, step aside Mr. Jackson and cede your place to someone of a higher merit. My bet is that he would play the race card if the person was white.

    I would also like to note, that a PhD. is serving him how as a stand up comic and television commentator? 100 of his TV appearances are on a BBC programs that would be similar to the 80’s That’s Incredible.

  7. Affirmative Action, great point @ChristianPDX. Of course now it’s called racism, diversity, white privilege, (add your victim noun) here. Lottery Lawsuit is all that follows.

  8. Prison is a pipeline for young black people? I thought it was a place for people to serve their time after being convicted of a criminal action. Nothing but a professional victim.

  9. Serena is married to a white man? When they go out to eat do the black waitresses spit in his drinks? Do the white waitresses spit in her drinks? Is he Serena’s food and drink tester? Is he really the father of her child?

    I bet they have some doozy arguments, she is twice his size, does she only beat him in places he can hide under his clothes?

    She beats him because it’s a strike for feminism, his (Very low level) masculinity and because he’s white?

    Why do I think she beats him? She loses her temper in front of millions of people and beats her rackets, what does she do in private? Beat him with the racket?

    Is there a video of Serena beating him in an elevator? If not why not?

    Asking for a friend….

  10. Is what I said, racist? No, it’s a strike against aggressive muscular women who insist they’re being victimized by men.

  11. No, the African deserves to be in a mud hut in Zimbabwe without any modern comforts and the American deserves to be in a house with all the modern comforts in the US of A!

  12. The dude is a fucking racist.That’s it! Case closed. He should be fired. A white guy uttering that bullshit, would be.

  13. “I have hundreds of black people, brown people in my phone that are more qualified, have done more in their career to deserve to be in that seat”

    Who would actually keep count of the number of Black, Brown or White people in their cell phone Contacts except a damn Racist?!?!?!?!?!

  14. Jackson is just jealous he doesn’t rate a “fabulous” white babe like Serena’s husband so he’s taking it out on all white men.


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