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Black Thugs Can’t Be Swept Under the Political Correctness Rug

Conservative Black Chick:

When will liberals and society at large stop making excuses for black people’s generational problem with crime?  In the final days of April, mobs of young black men looted businesses and burned down buildings in Baltimore in the name of Freddie Gray, who died mysteriously in the custody of Baltimore police.  Oozing with righteous ridiculousness, liberal commentators and politicians — one after another — justified the lawlessness.

CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill applauded the riots. “I’m calling these uprisings and I think that’s an important distinction to make. This is not a riot.”

Hill may want to grab a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word uprising, which is a revolt to bring about a positive change — not an excuse for theft and destruction.  Martin Luther King, Jr. and other blacks engaged in uprisings — not riots — during the civil rights movement.



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  1. Has anyone figured out who starts these riots? I guarentee someone tells these fools to go riot. It’s too organized.

  2. Steve, there’s a lot on the Webb about The American Communist Labor Party orchestrating the protests and supposedly VayJay is giving them direction.

  3. Soros is financing them.
    The White House is orchestrating them.
    Sharpton is their messenger.

    This is socialism’s big putsch – and all the socialist fronts are in support: CPUSA, ACLP, SCLC, SPLC, ACLU, AFT, AFL-CIO, NEA, NAACP, SEIU, UAW, CWA, Brown Pampers, CAIR, Nation of Izlam, Teamsters, and, of course, the DNC and the RNC.

  4. Until there’s a street army of
    Baltimore Whoop You Upside The Head Moms
    I’m not holding my breath for improvements.

    Especially while the government, media and entertainment worlds are egging them on.

  5. It’s George Soros.

    He makes the call to his Anarchists and Blank Panthers on a solid gold telephone located adjacent to the great white shark tank in his underwater HQ.

    He then laughs, maniacally. Once again the Jew uses the Black against the White Man. They never see it coming, he thinks to himself.

    Americans are so simple. So very, very simple.

  6. Soros has a pet Obola …

    a jug-eared primate of the lower order.

  7. Professor Marc Lamont Hill- is there a commentator today more full of BullShit than Hill? I haven’t been able to listen to that clown’s “logic” in years.

  8. @chiefillinicake

    “Once again the Jew uses the Black against the White Man.”

    George Soros collaborated and reported Jews to the Nazis for bounty money in 1944 Hungary. Most went straight to the gas chamber. He admitted it. He shouldn’t even have citizenship for that.

    I can see the Bond thing. I think of the Omen with these people.

  9. Mr. Soros is a recipient of God’s grace today, but grace will not follow him out of this life. Right now he is standing precipitously on a 2 x 4 and beneath him are the fires of hell.

    He should have his rights in this country revoked.

  10. Soros won’t like the weather where he’s going to being spending eternity.

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