Black Widow Actor Wonders How Anyone Could Disagree With Socialist Ideology – Then he describes complete idiocy as example of socialism

Actor David Harbour, star of Black Widow, is flummoxed by the notion that “there’s anyone who could disagree with socialist ideology.”

One would expect him to expound upon his belief, giving compelling evidence that would make a capitalist pause and ponder, perhaps question their philosophy.

But that doesn’t happen. The unfortunate does. David espouses in a manner that, tragically, is as stupid as it gets.

“If you work at Starbucks and you make the coffee, then you should own it. You’re the one making the coffee!”

I’m left wondering how anyone could possibly agree with this stupendously stupid ASSertion.

Hey David, how does this employee make the coffee?

He does it in a building he didn’t build, a shirt he didn’t buy, on a machine he didn’t purchase, with beans he didn’t buy, with electricity he doesn’t pay for, with water he didn’t purchase, with customers he did not advertise to, with a business model he didn’t design, in cups he didn’t pay for, without a care about accounting, bankers, insurance, payrolls, health insurance, red tape, regulations, health inspections, or even that the entire thing will be smashed apart and set on fire by the very employees who listen to the likes of a shithead like David Harbour.

But, yes, by all means, the high school dropout in a Che shirt should “own it” because he knows how to click some buttons and say “have a nice day.”

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  1. Professional pretenders should just repeat the script and what their outlined talking points about the movies they make say.

    You know that old saying…”It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  2. He shares nearly all of his rather large salary.
    Well I assume he does. Right???
    Anyone who makes such a statement needs to show how he lives that ‘truth’. Then maybe I will consider his point.

  3. So according to this guy the person that makes the coffee owns it,so does the person the runs the projector at the theater owns the movie too?

  4. Interesting. I wouldn’t expect a highly educated guy with a ton of real world business experience to say something like this. /s
    In reality he’s only had two jobs. Starbucks, and pretending to be someone else. ‘

  5. these morons know how stupid the youth of today is so they can say this and the youth will fully buy in to this illogical nonsense!

  6. He’s just a dim witted imbecile looking for a pat on the head for his virtuous standpoint.

    I’d like him to have that pat on the head, only delivered with a stout mallet, maybe it would knock some sense into that pathetic scull.

  7. Notice he uses Stubarks, and not Studios as his example. Wouldn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him, I reckon.

  8. …OT just a little bit, shouldn’t “BLACK Widow” be cancelled because the actress that plays the widow character isn’t BLACK? Pretty sure they’re breaking some woke rule or another there, and since they’re turning all the OTHER “superheros” gay or black or female or all three, I think THIS guy should be straight out of a job because HE’S white too, their rules, not mine, and he should be going through the dumpster at Starbucks, it’s OK if he wants to say he owns the dumpster too, right up until he gets tipped into the truck…

    Wakanda Forever, Bitches, now get OUT, you’re too light skinned for modern mass media…

  9. Under socialism this idiot would be paid the same as the janitor on the set. And the janitor would provide more value for his pay

  10. Yeah, a super hero built like Louie Anderson isn’t going to exude much confidence out of anyone he is trying to protect.

  11. Proof that only an idiot could subscribe to socialist “ideology.”
    Keep talking, moron.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. David “Hellboy Reboot” Harbour should just shut up and try to act. He obviously can’t think his way out of a paper bag.

  13. Actors have been banished from my life, along with their products, and profession. I don’t miss them at all.

  14. If socialism is so great, why has it killed 93 million people in the first 104 years of existance?

  15. Extirpates
    JULY 12, 2021 AT 12:46 PM
    “If socialism is so great, why has it killed 93 million people in the first 104 years of existance?”

    …wait ’till the Pedo starts nuking us, that number will EASILY double as soon as he starts to feel seriously threatened…

  16. David Harbour, star(?) of Black Widow is an idiot.
    I guess he should go to Cuba and fight against the masses who desire Freedom. He could be the next Che’.
    Maybe he could round up a few dozen freedom seekers to be murdered, raped or be sent to concentration camps for torture.
    If you believe oppressive marxism, live it, or STFU.

  17. …disbelief at the idea “that there’s anyone who could disagree with socialist ideology.”
    Millions of dead, killed by Socialist/Communist regimes, unavailable for comment.

  18. Harbour’s ideal of “a kindergarten-type society where we share things” reminds me of Family Ties when Alex P. Keaton sends his little brother to kindergarten with a nametag that says, “I know what’s mine.”

  19. I’m looking forward to the Days of Disaster the the world will suffer BECAUSE of the Biden enablers.

    Twits like this guy are gonna be bawling on the ground in the fetal position.

  20. “Actors have been banished from my life, along with their products, and profession. I don’t miss them at all.”

    grayjohn. God willing, a new inspired crop will rise…

  21. Even in a communist state, the employee doesn’t own the business. The state owns everything…all the means of production down to the coffee machines.

    Of course, excuse me for forgetting, the state owns everything and runs it in the interests of the proletariat. My bad.

  22. Here’s a twist: A guy told me that because he bought Windows, he owns Microsoft. They have his money, therefore he owns them.

    His logic is the same as government: If they give you a dollar, they own you

  23. Sad thing is, he’s just example how today snowflakes generation see the world and how it works. All thanks to that wonderful thing: education system of U.S. of A.

  24. Well if they own Starbucks, they ought to give themselves a million dollar an hour of raise.
    IF you own it you can control it.
    An employee or an employer, they do kind of sound the same, but that’s it.

  25. I am sure he lives by his own flawed logic too.
    He would have no problem giving up his house, and his car to the swimming pool guy, and the car washing guys who work there, therefor, by his own stupid logic, they should own his house and his car.

  26. From what I’ve read it’s more like 160 million of their own people not including their outside enemies.
    I think Dr. Victor Davis Hanson has the count?


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