Black Woman Goes Off On “Little Black Bastards”

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  1. Thank You Barack for emboldening and empowering the “Little Black Bastards” to “Do they thing” and blow it all out so that decent minded Black folks are getting tired of looking the other way, Maybe there’s hope for common sense after all.

  2. Perhaps she’s speaking the language black thugs and other ghetto people can understand. The blue lipstick actually looks good on her.

  3. Give me a frickin break, blue lips?!?! One thing she is completely wrong about is when she said this is not a white peoples problem. Those little black bastards are damn sure making this a white peoples problem, in fact they are making this everybodies problem. And she is right, it has to change, starting with the parents and the families.

  4. That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Mommies need to know that THEY will charged for their teenage kid’s crime, along with the kid.

    They are legally responsible for the kid. All other excuses be damned.

  5. I tried. I’d probably take her side, too. But I just can’t get past the blue lips. How are we supposed to take her seriously?

  6. I don’t care if she’s got blue lips — finally someone speaking out from within the so-called monolithic “black community.” And there’s the problem — brought to them by the ‘Rat (now extremely Progressive) Party. As soon as you believe you are part of a large community you have to be in lock step with their representatives, like Revrum Al Shakedown Sharpton. You’ll take more bad in the name of being part of the community than good. I guess it’s starting to be painful for being part of the community, finally. I hope this is our tipping point.

  7. She’s to be commended.
    She laid the blame right where it belongs, with the parent(s), aunts, uncles and grandparents who are protecting these “bastards”.
    Good for her! Too bad this video won’t go viral, but it won’t, because they WILL call her a “Uncle Ruckus”.

    @Joe6pak, when she said it’s not a “white people’s problem”, I inferred that it’s not white people’s responsibility, but that the onus lies within the black community.

  8. @Norman, of course you are right, but I wasn’t in the mood to let her blow white people off and declare this is not our problem when in fact these “little black bastards” are causing big problems for all law abiding people, regardless of color.

  9. Blow white people off? With those lips?

    OK, I can get past the blue lips as long as she’s not eating Fruit Loops in her bathtub…..

  10. I don’t care what she looks like. It’s whut she’s saying that counts!
    Yeah baybee – Preach it!

  11. The woman with blue lips makes more sense than the purple lipped Marxist moron occupying the White House.

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