Black woman slams Ohio school board for critical race theory indoctrination of students


A black woman spoke up at a School Board meeting in Beachwood, Ohio, to take issue with the board’s use of critical race and gender theory to divide families, pit students against their parents, and create a racist environment where none had existed before.

“If a lot more of the residents knew of the mess you’ve made of this school system via the curriculum as policy you would all probably lose your position in the district,” she said.

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  1. ICYMI

    That right there is another illustration of EXACTLY why the public comments feature on most every newspaper has been shut down. The people pushing Critical Theory cannot tolerate any opinion that does not go along with supporting their Marxist/Satanist agenda.

  2. Does “White Fragility Exist?

    Ask Colon Krap-On-Dick’s parents who gave that IDIOT the best possible outcome in life by being so fragile as to Raise, Support, & continue to stand by him as he insults their very moral fiber.

    Critical race theory is based on the claim of White Fragility.

  3. It’s cuckoo how wacko nuts crazy our schoolz have become. I was taught in school in the 80’s that only Despots and Dictators cannot handle honest feedback. The fragility of their egos forbid opinion beside their own. Who is dividing to conquer?

  4. So a board member is offended that she brought up the teaching of anal sex to children and and with his stupid mask on it sounded like he said “this isn’t the bathroom floor”. If anyone can make out the audio I would appreciate it greatly.
    Anyway, he seems to think she is talking gutter while they are the ones teaching very young people about anal sex, changing genders and reporting parents. I won’t even start on how wrong this kids are when it comes to the climate hoax. I believe the lady is right and that all school boards need to be replaced.

    O/T as I walked thru a supermarket last week sipping my coffee as I shopped I heard a young child say “mommy, that man is not wearing a mask”. Poor child thinks that that is the new normal. I’m now seeing a LOT of people, young women, men, ladies with children now taking the mask off in stores. We’ve had enough of the High Priestess Whitmer driving Michigan into ruin.
    I know I’m ranting but I, like that woman addressing the frauds that want to control us, have had enough.

    See what the left has brought us.

  5. Great speech to a bunch of deaf people devoid of critical thinking skills. In my 62 years I’ve never seen blatant racism but since we elected the nations first black president I hear and read about it every day. I do though think I have a better chance of seeing racism now than at any time in my life and I’m expecting it will be aimed squarely at me because I refuse to change to meet someone else’s standard.

  6. God-forbid that a White person (or an Asian, Hispanic or Hawaiian) should ever speak “Truth to Power” about Critical Race Theory! They’d be unceremoniously hounded out of society!

    Why is it that the only opinion that holds any weight on this particular topic, has to come from a Black woman? Because they’re protected! The fact that she’s right is secondary to the point! That in and of itself should tell you there is a race issue, only it’s just not the one they want to talk about!!
    When we finally get to the point where any person, regardless of race, religion, sexual-orientation, etc can speak common sense without having “racism” read into it…and to think I thought we wuz actually at that point 13 years ago… silly me, uh??? The Left just can’t have that, can they? No – they always have to have their Bogey Men at the ready to counter any common sense that might get in the way of their agenda.

  7. … but thank you Ms. Taylor for preaching common sense it is in front of a group of phony assholes hiding behind a bunch of rainbow daisies!!

  8. school board members should get no sleep at night. They should be harassed and insulted and assaulted in the same manner they harass and insult and assault the parents who put continue to put their children in those peoples hands. Get in their pimply booger eating faces or grow a pair and pull your spawn out.

  9. Ms. Taylor gets it. A local school board willfully tapping into the Marxist ideology of “Critical Race Theory” and supporting the destructive outcomes it will inflict on families and eventually communities.

    History does indeed repeat itself – return under different names.
    In Nazi Germany, 1930s – 1940s it was referred to as “cleansing”. Ridding the country of Jewish citizens and the “unfit”.
    While in China, since its inception, “undesirable” ethnic groups are sent to ” re-education” camps to disappear. All fronts for massive extermination of those who communism won’t allow.
    We may not be far from this becoming institutionalized in America if we loose our gun rights.

    Whatever the title, dismantling of a free, citizen ruled nation through socialism amd communist control always begins with the breaking up of traditional families, corrupting the educational systems, over reaching tyrannical governments and demoralizing society.

    We are at a critical stage in the United States. Despite the damage socialism and communist control has done to this country, we still have means to get back our freedoms.

    The question is, do we have the will to fight against the enemy of our national sovereignty and Constitution Republic identity. I pray we do.

  10. I’d truly love to read this woman’s words, but the article skips so often and so much it drove me away from the page.

    If anyone sees this anywhere else and you are inclined to link, I’d be most grateful. From what I was able to read, this woman sounds like someone I’d like to have as a neighbor.


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