BlackLivesMatter Leader Blames “Whiteness” for San Bernardino Shootings

Posting a Gawker article that pinned the San Bernardino shooting on “whites,” Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson retweeted a comment that blamed “whiteness” for the attack:
Gawker claimed “San Bernardino shooting suspects are probably Americans, not “terrorists.”” It included lines such as, “The current suspects are supposedly white. In which case this is just another isolated incident of a loner gone wrong—isolated like the hundreds that came before it.”

Another Twitter user called on Mr. Mckesson to “Watch whiteness work,” in reference to the shootings. Instead of just tweeting the article itself, Mckesson retweeted the “whiteness” message so it would appear to his 260 thousand followers.

Mr. Mckesson’s retweet came about the same time that Syed Farook was identified as one of the shooting’s primary suspects.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Mckesson suggested that the US must change “access to guns” to decrease mass shootings:


32 Comments on BlackLivesMatter Leader Blames “Whiteness” for San Bernardino Shootings

  1. Derby you retard. Compare our body count to ISIS. Or how about the Western US against the East. I think I’m onto something. Chicago, Detroit, and DC. All Gun free zones, all Libs.

  2. Here we have BLM useful idiot blaming murders on …whites, or as CNN, Bama , Hil do, the NRA( run by white dudes) and yet blacks are the most criminal in our nation and frankly Muslims after this night should be stopped from migrating to the USA for a period of at least 5 years. Enough. LIberalism is really the cause of our domestic and international-national security problems. So BLM should start pointing fingers at their own POTUS, Obama as the cause of violence because of his stupid policies foisted upon all Americans even blacks and Hispanics who seem to whine alot about our nation.

  3. “only one country has had 350 mass shootings per year…” WELL, FUCK YOU McKESSON! The United States of America has not had one “mass shooting” per day since EVER. Go spread your filthy Leftist lies elsewhere, you LYING sack of Leftist shit.

  4. BLM leader Duhgay sure lives up to the stereotype of “angry black man.” And him stereotyping the stereotype makes him a RACIST.

  5. After being repeatedly wrong, they keep trying, it’s an illness.
    Racist hoax, rape hoax, shooting hoax, the Progs own them all.
    My dogs learn faster.

  6. Hey Greek! All yo peeps and relatives back home are prostitutes now because of loony left policies

    Time for a family reunion huh?

  7. Using the “N” word here sets back our cause. I know a lot of ex military conservative black guys that would kick your ass for that. Great thing about the military is they mold conservatives.

  8. media filth (they must be held accountable when the time comes) calling it work place violence… NY POST has only one story, refuses to post Muslim names or describe as “terrorists” instead call them “shooters”. Top stories getting equal.coverage to terror murders and shooting of 30 people are about the WWE, Sharpton daughter suing over foot injury, and NY Giants mad at coach…

    NY DAILY NEWS pieces of shit are blaming American public not muslims savages, saying our love for guns instead of moslime lunacy allowed this to happen because we keep resisting gun control.

    Moslime.was rightly offended and justified like Kerry claimed in Charlie Hebdo because inconsiderate intolerant co-workers held “Christmas” party and he was mad and arguing with them about it. He may have warned/argued with them about it beforehand…

    Shepard Smith provided conciliatory oral sex (no condoms used) to muslime strangers in the men’s bathroom stall in Penn Station to show his remorse for it not being the crazy white boys he desperately wanted it to be. He tried his best to create white bogey men all day long but the damn truth got in the way.

  9. The United States doesn’t have a gun problem.It has a Black People problem. If they would stop killing themselves and others and live like civilized people, the United States would be practically murder free. But that’s racist.

  10. It’s not racist if blacks are not involved. Blacks dont give a damn about anyone but themselves. Just a freaking excuse to freeload and loot and burn shit down. Most of all blacks need to stop using “we where slaves” to their advantage. On the reality note, it was black who sold a black to become slavery. And guns don’t kill people. Texing don’t kill people. Getting high or being drunk don’t kill people. It’s people who kill each other and blame the factor of the cause on the influence just to get away with it.

  11. Brace yourself… He stopped going to mosque weeks ago. He and his wife were obviously becoming self radicalized ISIS wannabes. They were haters. Again,, not all people of Muslim faith are terrorists. He was born in US. A US citizen. They were not refugees.

  12. That’s of very little comfort.
    Not every muslim is a terrorist, but do you know which ones and how many of them aren’t? You don’t.
    The FBI has dozens of mosques under surveillance right now, because they were given a reason to be.

  13. And so what if they quit going to that mosque?
    Would it have been better if they had stayed? What’s the difference? There could be another pair of terrorists going there right now who aren’t going to quit.

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