#BlackLivesMatter/Michael Brown/Trayvon included in Common Core Textbooks For Middle Schoolers

And Bruce Jenner too!


Starting in January of 2016, 6-12 grade social studies teachers will have the opportunity to teach from a “Black Lives Matter” textbook that meets Common Core criteria.

“The first chapter opens up with Michael Brown and Ferguson,” says the textbook’s co-author, Macalester College Professor Duchess Harris. “And then we backtrack to do a historical overview of interactions that African Americans have had with police encounters, historically. Then we return to Trayvon Martin and go all the way up to Baltimore.”

Harris, who lives in Minnesota and has already written a book on the civil rights movement, co-wrote the book with a journalist close to the issue.

“She lives in Florissant, Missouri, which is right near Ferguson, so she was covering it for the papers. So stylistically, in many ways, it’s like newspaper reporting,” Harris said.

The textbook is a part of an educational series being put out by Abdo Publishing. Other volumes cover ISIS, transgender rights, and the vaccination debate.

Professor Harris says kids need to be able to talk about current events and understand them. Through discussions in her university African American studies classes she has learned that events relating to Black Lives Matter were rarely discussed in high school, let alone middle school.


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  1. Communist Core indoctrination where worthless thugs, slugs and pissants are raised to celebrity status to re-write history and foment even more chaos!

  2. We just had orientation this evening for my daughters 2nd grade class at a private Christian school. I will get a 2nd job if I have to, to keep her away from this crap.

  3. Spent two hours tonight on ranting about my 9th grader’s Bill of Rights assignment (compare and contrast American to British). 2nd amendment states that the state militia has the right to bear arms. Period.

    Wrote hellacious letter to teacher, need to follow up with administration next. Included copy of original Bill of Rights. Said let’s compare and contrast the original Bill of Rights with the Common Core Bill of Rights.

    Molon effin’ Labe, bitches.

  4. CC teaches that the Patriots were evil, hateful, bullies and tortured people for no good reason. Kids are believing it.

  5. If I wasn’t so used to having my nerves twisted around by having to constantly restrain myself from … [edited out because fuck you NSA] … every progressive assfuk I find, a story like this would make me sick to the point of vomiting.

    This is the clear signal everybody has been waiting for to let them know that home schooling is now mandatory if you want your children to grow up with logical reasoning and common sense, and to know right from wrong.

  6. “You can’t make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.”

    ~ from Rosalie Gordon’s book ‘What Happened to Our Schools?’ (1956) where she asserts Dewey’s attitude towards progressive education.

  7. It is obvious. Police are dragging blacks away from their jobs and classrooms in order to beat the shit out of them or shoot them. Bwahahaha

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