Blacks impeding arrest of other blacks – Not a great idea


And HERE (In this one a good samaritan tries to help the cop and he’s assaulted by an onlooker.)


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  1. So, here I sit digging CCR’s top 40 and sipping on my ice tea. As my mediation kicks in (needed for my nerves—honest) and the hour grows late, I tune into this video, sound off, and wonder…Is it possible I can leave now and go back home to the America I once knew in the Seventies?

  2. Tony R I’m not disagreeing with you, but in a civilized country a female officer would be obeyed. We no longer live in a civilized country. The dictates of the ghetto dwellers rule. Check out “Fred Reed,” “Black Power: A Done job.” Colin Flaherty, “White Girl Bleed a Lot, For more fun go to
    There is no more America as we knew it

  3. Better be prepared to defend
    yourselves. The thin blue line
    is now helpless before the
    federally protected criminal class.
    Look at what that pig in the WH
    has done to our country.

  4. Just slightly OT, but Cincinnati had an officer involved shooting Friday and they’re looking for the suspect. Y’gotta figure this troubled youf never stood a chance, since his mammy named him
    Furious Carney

  5. The nature of law enforcement, and fighting fires, rescuing people, is a man’s job.

    Dumbing down LE, FD cognitive and physical standards is just wrong.

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