Blacktivists in Detroit Blame Democrats for Violence



Black activists got angry when the Detroit Police Chief James Craig called the people responsible for shooting 12 people on a playground killing one of them urban terrorists.  They complained about the insult and want him to apologize.  Craig refused to back down and stuck to his guns.

Craig said quite bluntly:

“You will allow this to continue if you do nothing. It must stop now.”

That’s when the president of the Detroit National Action Network (founded by Al Sharpton) Rev. Charles Williams took umbrage to Craig’s assertions that these thugs are urban terrorists: more

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  1. We are definitely making progress as they used to blame Detroit’s violence on the sub-compact Pacer (man that car was ugly)! Now they blame it on sub-compact democrats (man they are ugly too)!

  2. James Craig was police chief in Cincinnati before he left for Detroit.
    He is better than what Cincy has now, but he left because he refused to take the Ohio Peace Officer Certification Exam.
    The State of Ohio requires all Ohio police officers to take the 200-question, multiple-choice test. Craig says his effort to not take the test is based on principal.

  3. Time to reintroduce the grizzly bear back into the abandoned former environment that used to be Detroit. Stock a bunch around Dearbornistan too, and let them get a taste of free-range muzzie as well…

  4. I was at a motorcycle rally last weekend which raises funds for fallen officer’s families (Akron, OH). The police chief gave a speech and went off his notes. He asked that everyone be aware of who they vote for cuz when they vote for liberals, they vote for the kind of people that make police work more dangerous. He specifically named Obama, called him “that jackass” for his release of federal prisoners back on the streets. He also named some judges that are responsible for putting criminals on the streets, one who killed an officer 11/14. It was awesome when he spoke up, it took courage in a city of liberal pols.

  5. Well, he may have not taken the test on principle, but he ended up being the only peace officer in the state of Ohio who could not make an arrest and couldn’t carry a sidearm while on duty.
    So, basically he was useless and didn’t have the respect of the rank and file officers, all of who took the test as part of becoming a police officer. Many didn’t think he could pass the test.

  6. Craig picked up a respect for well armed citizens while serving up here in Maine.
    He raised some hackles when he suggested that law abiding Detroiters arm themselves rather than becoming victims.

  7. sorry, but could they STOP with the caitlyn, ‘Tranny B’ photo.

    have NEVER heard the expression, once you go tranny, you never go back, and still wouldnl’t never do it anyway

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