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Blacktivists turn on Shaun King

shaun king

BigJournalism […] As of this weekend, there’s yet another scandal engulfing journalist and activist Shaun King, the man Breitbart revealed was presenting himself as a biracial leader to the Black Lives Matter movement while having no idea whether he was even black. This time, King is under fire from his own supporters.

Allegations of financial impropriety have dogged King for years. On Saturday, the hashtag #ShaunKingLetMeDown trended in the United States as erstwhile King supporters, frustrated by the failure of King’s “Justice Together” project, began demanding answers tofinancial questions people have been quietly asking for a long time.


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  1. I do!

    Did anyone else recognize the locale of the diners eating by candlelight? It was the old Horn & Hardhardt on Lexington Avenue.

  2. Imagine if you will…….

    A white man pretending to be a black man……..

    and owning black people for so long……


  3. so what happens if a nut case like Jenner suddenly decides that it is also a different race? are 2 switches over the limit in lefty loony land? I can’t keep the rules straight.

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