Blagojevich’s Wife Asks Trump For Pardon

FOX: The wife of imprisoned former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said she was disappointed the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the Democrat’s final appeal, and asked President Donald Trump to pardon him.

Blagojevich is serving a 14-year sentence in connection with trying to sell President Barack Obama’s senate seat.

The open seat, which Blagojevich called “f*****g golden” in evidentiary recordings, eventually went to former Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.).

Patricia Blagojevich said the Supreme Court decided against “end[ing] this very dangerous conflict we have in the law right now.”

Blagojevich told Tucker Carlson she is publicly asking for President Donald Trump to pardon her husband, as he recently did for former Cheney aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby. more

16 Comments on Blagojevich’s Wife Asks Trump For Pardon

  1. Going out on a live oak limb, a great big strong one low to the ground, pretty sure what the answer will be.

  2. It is a bit ironic that only he was punished after he spilled the beans about the Senate seat being sold for YEARS. All he was doin was keeping tradition.

  3. Pardoning someone, who was railroaded, is ‘yugley’ different than pardoning a scum sucking, ‘they-have-it-on-tape’ crooked, political bastard. Besides, isn’t the bastard in one of those lush prisons used for crooked politicians that are more like summer camps?

    I’d like to see Flynn pardoned and Trump pull out his executive privilege umbrella, like obama did for that scumbag, cocky, still-free holder.

  4. She conflates selling a political seat with being falsely charged and convicted? Remember when she sought a pardon for Scooter? Yeah, me neither. Besides, Libby is a republican and Blogo simply got caught red handed doing the deed, so they’re equal… in Chigaco politics.
    Btw, that Bush couldn’t go the extra mile and pardon Libby speaks to his lack of moral character.

  5. After the IG report comes out in May, it could be that Blag is the most honest of all the democrat politicians.

  6. Rod can thank himself for conducting himself like a crime lord where anything he wants to do is OK. Money from politics was all he knew and cared about. Screw the people.

    14 years seems too short.

  7. Scooter Libby committed no crime. Blagojevich got caught for this one but probably got away with many more. No pardon.

  8. He was arrogant in his ways, keep him there. What’s he complaining about, he’s got three hots and a cot, TV, workout room, it’s like being in Club Gitmo. It’s a vacation for him every day! The world outside is scary and nasty Rod.

  9. Sure, pardon him. As long as he provides “We the Pepple” with verifiable truths about Obama, Jarrett, Holder and the rest… he has to know, he was part of it.


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