Blasey Ford’s best friend to tell FBI she has no knowledge of Kavanaugh or party

WaTimes: Leland Keyser stood to be the perfect witness for Christine Blasey Ford by confirming critical events that would bolster her charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

But she wasn’t.

She has ended up helping the nominee on two crucial questions as the confirmation process shifts from emotion-filled hearings on Thursday to a one-week FBI investigation.

Ms. Keyser was among Ms. Ford’s best friends at Holton-Arms, the all-girl private school in Bethesda not far from Mr. Kavanaugh’s boy-only Georgetown Preparatory.

As best friends to this day, it was expected that Ms. Keyser would confirm Ms. Ford assertions: Ms. Keyser was with her on the night sometime in 1982 that Mr. Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in an upstairs bedroom in a home in Chevy Chase or Bethesda during a lightly attended party. She also said Ms. Keyser socialized with the other attendees, meaning Mr. Kavanaugh.

Before this week’s Ford-Kavanaugh hearing, Ms. Keyser sent an email to the Senate Judiciary Committee, via her attorney Howard J. Walsh III, denying this. She has no recollection of such a party, she said.

“Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford,” Mr. Walsh said.

On Saturday morning, after President Trump authorized a one-week FBI probe into Ms. Ford’s charges, Mr. Walsh again repeated her denial in a new statement to committee staff.

“Ms. Keyser asked that I communicate to the Committee her willingness to cooperate fully with the FBI’s supplemental investigation of Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh,” Mr. Walsh said. “However, as my client has already made clear, she does not know Judge Kavanaugh and has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

The fact Ms. Keyser says she didn’t know Mr. Kavanaugh in those days is another set back for Ms. Ford.  MORE HERE

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  1. Under our new feinstein/harris/booker/hulagirl system of justice, the mere act of denying something means she must be lying. And we a all know there is only one reason to lie- guilty! They will believe there could be no other reason for denial.

  2. Drops 2 lb hand weight on throat during work out.
    Dies tragically
    Democrats regret her inability to testify, but rejoice that she can still vote.

  3. Farmwife: Maybe goes something like this.

    Did you read about that whore Leland Keyser in the yearbook? She’s part of the patriarchy.
    Did you read in the yearbook how Kristine Ballsy was raped? She’s part of the metoo movement.

  4. Little off topic, everyone keeps asking who gave her a ride home? I want to know how she contacted someone to give her a ride home. There were not cell phones then and the party was in a residential neighborhood. Payphone? Knock on strangers door and ask to use phone? She says she left party immediately after alleged assault was over. Doesn’t make any sense.

  5. @Differrnt Tim
    If my 15 yr old daughter who doesn’t drive yet was out and about Id know who she was with cause someone had to drive her there it was 8 miles away from her house. That’s reason she never put a name on a driver cause that’s one more gal or guy that would call her a liar.

  6. @FarmWife ~ she’s the ex of Bob Beckel, so it’s a pretty good bet she is committed Communist democRat

    … she just hasn’t died in time so Batty-Ford’s ‘testimony’ can’t be refuted

  7. @Abigail Adams- I’ve read that she was his principal sammich maker for a number of years. It looks like she is good at that, so I’d believe her when she says nutz to ford. And that is a good, well qualified reason now-a-days.

  8. @AA she was and has been suffering from some malady for at least 10 years. It caused her to quit her job coaching golf & her husband (Keyser) wrote of her being partially disabled over the years.

    She is now reported to be a producer of ex husband Bob Beckel’s podcast.

    Ford said she didn’t now how to get word to the president or Feinstein (whose office is right across the bay) yet her lifelong friend was married to and has 2 children with a high level Democrat operative plugged into the media????

    Ford was plugged into an exclusive private school where EVERYONE’S PARENTS were connected to the government & she was at a loss how to get started?

    Offering great deals on bridges.

  9. Absolutely NONE of this has anything to do with fact and happenstance! It’s ALL and no more than crap theater produced by fiends who want to destroy the last vestiges of individual quality, decency, accomplishment integrity and human liberty.

  10. Second Amendment: A Woman’s Responsibility

    1. Keep yourself out of danger (that’s a woman’s responsibility).

    2. Be armed (that’s also a woman’s responsibility).

    3. Report assault to the police IMMEDIATELY (that’s also a woman’s responsibility).”

    Sniveling to a committee 35 years later is just irresponsible and childish, which is exactly what the left wants, to whine to the government to solve all your problems.

  11. I tend to think that “Blasey Ford’s best friend”, should read Blasey Ford’s former best friend. I would be hard pressed to remain a friend to someone who pushed me in front of a bus this big…with a little slack applied of course if she had been well known by the locals to be mentally hobbled from meth.

  12. Page O — There are so many — myself included — who conceded that Ford “was probably sexually assaulted by someone…”. Now I don’t believe that. She’s a Leftist activist and a big, fat liar.


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