Bless their hearts: every Democrat is a loser in South Carolina

What these candidates lack in ideas they certainly don’t make up for in personality.

Spectator US:

Former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg said at least one accurate thing in South Carolina on Tuesday night: ‘Russia doesn’t have a political party…they want chaos’. But Mayor Pete was dead wrong when he said the chaos would come from a presidential race between Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump.

The chaos was right there on stage. The candidates went south in more than one way tonight.

CBS’s attempt at moderating the latest Democratic debate was a disastrous hellstorm of candidates yelling over one another, sharing bad jokes, lobbing tired and petty attacks, and, worst of all, trying to show some semblance of self-awareness with the final set of so-called ‘personal’ questions.

If you had a hard time keeping up, don’t feel bad — so did the moderators. Norah O’Donnell summed up the night’s mayhem and confusion when she accidentally went to end the debate before the final commercial break, only to be chided by her colleague, Gayle King, who apparently was more attentive to the corporate sponsors. read more

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  1. “the Democratic contenders showed no restraint or strategy”

    all they have to run on is “I am not Trump or that other guy on stage”

  2. I didn’t watch any of the debate but did see the lowlights video that has been circulating. They all looked and acted like the first dozen Black Friday customers to get through the door at Best Buy — all going for the 72″ flat screen.

  3. Watching this menagerie of freaks must have been comical if you could stomach it.
    What’s disturbing is the whole world is watching and you can’t help but conclude that they think our entire country has gone batshit crazy.

  4. $1750 to go to that?
    I hope Trump and the R’s slam them for that on every news show. These Dems are writing campaign ads for Republicans every time they do stuff like that and every time they open their mouths.

  5. Obama is effusively endorsing Biden in TV ads this morning after refusing to endorse him this entire time. Haven’t seen any news articles anywhere noting that yet.

    Seems like a big development I’m that it’s too little too late to stop Bernie 6 days from now.

  6. Didn’t watch the festivities. Had more interesting things to do like administering a fleet enema to my 86 year old mother-in-law.

  7. Dagon McDowel yesterday said if sh were moderator, she would have said no hands up .
    Act presidential, not like kindergarten kids,

  8. I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous. ‘ And God granted it–Voltaire


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