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Blinken Admits During House Hearing That “Several Thousand” US Citizens Stranded In Afghanistan

Matt Margolis writing for PJ Media

I’ve been skeptical of the Biden administration’s official number of Americans still left in Afghanistan. They’ve said about 100-200 Americans were left behind (still a tragedy) but one U.S. official said that over 5,000 Americans were likely to end up stranded in the country by the time U.S. forces left.

As of yesterday, they are saying there are about 100 Americans still there—which likely means nothing has changed since the withdrawal concluded on August 30.

But Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a stunning admission today. According to him, the “best estimates are that there’s several thousand [U.S.] green card holders in Afghanistan.” More

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  1. The WOKE Ddm + Gen implied this would be the case 3 weeks ago! Implication – not plainly stated – was it was the plan. Why?

  2. They are in the hands of “Professional and Businesslike” Savages who have just destroyed the Dementia Joe Obiden-Kalamity Harris Maladministration in a few weeks. America’s Account has been rendered in full. Now, we will be paying the “Built Back Better Taliban’s Account” for a few decades. These people are hostages to misfortune. Plenty of heads are going to roll, but they will all be in Afghanistan.

  3. Too bad for Blinken. Now the word is out on C-SPAN and conservative media. Blinken has probably already tendered his resignation rather than face the massive public outrage soon to come. Soon.

  4. This admission by Blinken is like a shameful exclamation point on the thousands of harrowing stories, soon to be coming from the mainstream media, about those lucky Americans, abandoned by their government, who got out of Afghanistan. Soon. Possibly after a profile on an American who wanted to stay there. Maybe then.

  5. In case you haven’t noticed yet, the USA now IS a banana republic shit hole. There is no more “becoming” to begat.

  6. @Diogenes–

    “Drawing and quartering” might be a more effective deterrent.

    It would certainly be a more effective–and deserved–punishment for abandoning so many people to torture and death.

  7. While we do need to rescue our citizens in harms way, there are other considerations:

    There is a difference between Green Card holders and citizens. A recent article pointed out that there are many green card holders who returned to Afghanistan soon after getting their cards. Many of these people have no affinity to the USA and only have residency permits as a way out of that hell hole. Many of them do not like us to begin with and a subset of them would use their access to our nation to do us harm. So perhaps a bit of vetting is needed, despite their permanent residence status. And many of those are not the folks we want inside our borders.


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