Blinken Says Russia May Be Playing Us

11 Comments on Blinken Says Russia May Be Playing Us

  1. Let me put UpChuck Todd’s question in the right perspective. Don’t include me when you ask are they playing us. The Russians are playing YOU – the Obiden administration.

  2. If Blinken doesn’t know if this Administration is being played, you can bet this Administration is being played like a violin…
    Like poker, if you don’t know who the patsy is, you’re it!

  3. The swamp fucked up – they inserted way too many idiots out front. Blinkin is one of them. So is Harris, Butthead, and Biden himself.

  4. Half wits are always being played, and that’s literally the only kind of person in authority in DC now that literally the only public policy in DC now is elevating stupid ghetto trash, psychotic dykes, and paedo-faggots as America’s ideal class of humanity.

  5. Has Miley called up Vlad to tell him he’ll let him know if we’re about to do something militarily?

    If not, why not?

    Does he just hate Russians?


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