Blizzard at Hurricane Ridge

Ice Age Now: Snow drifts almost as tall as a two-story house.
This is the same ski area in Washington State that I posted about yesterday.
The ski area has been closed for three days – Too much snow.
(Probably warm snow, though.)


7 Comments on Blizzard at Hurricane Ridge

  1. I’ve been in a few of those blizzards. Back in the early 90s, I was at my friends house for Halloween. Started snowing as the kids were trick-or-treating. They stopped coming about 6:30, so we just sat around the fire and gabbed. One friend decided to leave about 9pm and called at 10pm when she got home from her normally 10 minute drive. She said for me to not even try getting home, roads were impassable by now. I stayed there for three days before getting my car unburied and making my way slowly home.

    Those were the days!

  2. Drop me there with the wife, a couple bottles of wine, smoked salmon, and a Ski Doo in the parking lot and life would be perfect.


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