Blizzard continues in north central US

Ice Age Now: More than a foot (30 cm) of snow in several states.

Even though thousands have lost power, highways are closed across the region, and hundreds of flights have been cancelled, the MSM is downplaying it by calling it a “spring storm.”

All flights were grounded Saturday at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as the blizzard made it difficult to keep runways clear and planes deiced. Blizzard conditions also shut down the airport in South Dakota’s biggest city, Sioux Falls, for a second straight day. Toronto Pearson International canceled or delayed more than a third of both outgoing flights and inbound planes, and Chicago’s O’Hare also saw an impact.

Southern Minnesota and parts of Nebraska could face more than a foot of snow, the National Weather Service said. The Twin citis, could get up to 20 inches of snow (51 cm) by the time the storm ends on Sunday.  MORE

15 Comments on Blizzard continues in north central US

  1. It’s like a tropical storm here in NJ. But I’ll take rain to snow even though it meant I got soaked getting from my car to the office this morning for work.

  2. “global climate restoration”.

    the new global climate change warrior war cry !

    it’s where we make every day like we believe the weather was long ago with sunshine warm breezes and no rain but with no drought either.
    I am sure we all remember those days, right ?

  3. yes the weather sucks here too

    freezing rain in april.

    last time I saw this type of weather in april where i live was 1973.

  4. Gee.
    Do I continue to live up north, with crappy weather and crappier politicians stealing my money through ever higher taxes, or go southward with lower taxes and better weather?
    Mass exodus – here I come.

  5. We once laughed at the fools with their sandwich boards, declaring calamity with certainty.
    Now they bamboozle the weak minded.


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