#BLM are communists

I asked @therevcoms@JamNoPeanut about Trump’s proposed law to ban flag burning. “Fuck Trump. Fuck that law. Fuck your fucking Independence Day,” he said. “We need a revolution in order to overthrow this system and bring a whole new communist world into being.”

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  1. How about we just truss you up, stuff you on a boat and ship your black ass back to the motherland.

  2. Sadly, you can’t reason with stupidity and ignorance.

    Thank you (NOT) libtards for empowering these useful idiots of yours. Contrary to what you might like to think, it will not end well for you.

  3. If it is so bad here, why don’t all these communist bastards leave and go to the third world shithole of their choice? See how much welfare, cell phones, tattoos and food stamps they give away in Cuba.

  4. Well, here I am, 64, heart disease, but I don’t think heart disease is going to take me. I see a war for America, that will likely take me. I’m not quite as mobile as I used to be so it’s going to be tough for me to be effective in a guerrilla style war, but that is what I see coming. I hope not, but that’s what I see. What disappoints me is it’s going to be us old folks that have to fight. The spoiled young people are so brainwashed they won’t realize what the war is about until it’s lost.

  5. It’s like invasion of the body snatchers. I was driving back home from the store in Plano, TX just an hour ago, and about a dozen white people were standing on a corner waving black lives matter signs in 95 degree heat. They looked like the typical, dumpy, stupid ass white libturd types. The men all looked like they had big black dildos shoved up their asses. It’s a fucking mass mental disorder, this entire mess. And it’s all managed by China via their US agents in the news media, Hollywood, pro-sports, corporate America, and government bureaucracy at all levels. These people are a fucking death cult of self-loathing. I can only hope that the majority of people are like me, and hate this shit but holding back to see if these shitheads ever snap out of it. I seriously doubt that will happen though.

  6. Most of these idiots don’t even know who Marx was.
    This is merely about fascism, and getting free shit and power the easy way.

  7. BLM and their associates are undoing the Civil Rights Movement. This became obvious to me several months ago.

    Those who really were slaves and who really knew discrimination and bigotry fought to be free and equal under the law; they wanted to be included in what America meant for everyone else.

    BLM doesn’t want any of this. They have stated as much and claim that Blacks are both unable to be equal and free because “oppression,” and unwilling to participate in America because “the whole system” is Racist. America must have its history erased and be burned to the ground. Whites have to disappear and/or Blacks need to separate.

    No more does the content of one’s character mean anything: it is ALL about skin color. Period.

    Understand what has happened and let this thought wash over you: MLK has officially become the champion for White Americans. He’s ours now.

    Thank you, Leftism!

  8. I have a solution. Let’s portion off a 50 square mile area of the Mojave Desert. Let’s arm both the KKK and BLM equally and cut them loose to kill each other. Two rules: 1) They can’t leave unless they quit. 2) Winner gets bragging rights. That’s it, nothing more. Game on. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  9. Your Name Hare – Can anyone identify that mush?

    I’m pretty sure it’s the same lumpy stuff that you drain out of the black water tank of yer RV!

  10. The dems lost control of their monster and they don’t care (yet). They know they’re losing the public.

    The rioters we see travel the country. I’m sure a lot of them have been arrested more than 3 times a piece.

  11. I disagree with passing a law to ban flag burning. Orrin Hatch (Sen, UT, Ret – thank goodness) tried to do that in earlier times (80s? 90s?), and was rightfully booed for it. President Trump proposing it makes it no better. It goes against the 1A.
    If someone were to splash gasoline or other petroleum based accelerant on the burning flag, and (OOPS!) also splash a fair amount on the rioters and looters…….well, let’s just say that I wouldn’t be rushing to find any fire extinguishers. I might even become excited and clumsy enough to trip and impede anyone else that did happen to have a fire extinguisher with them.
    The rioters/looters may even want to continue wearing their WuFlu masks to hide the burn scars on their faces from having WuFlu masks melted onto their faces.

  12. These RevComs are serious Maoists. Check out their website. At some point they will try to wrestle the current movement out of the hands of the anarchists and give it some leadership and direction.

  13. joe6pak, it will not only be old people. There are many of us out here who raised our kids to know what freedom is. Those young people are in turn now raising their kids with the same values and the same sense of love for their country. They aren’t well known because like us, they aren’t out on the street yelling and carrying on. They aren’t on tv getting attention. Most aren’t on social media picking fights. They’re just like us the silent and the forgotten. They will be fighting beside us though.
    You can find them if you know where to look, they’re working, at the rodeos, at the dirt tracks, on the farms, in small town America, at the lakes and rivers, in the woods hunting food, in their Churches, in the military, oil fields, etc.

  14. BLM shot and killed a little 8 year old girl last night. A little black girl, guess what you bastards, her black life mattered. You scum blacks who took her life don’t matter. To hell with all of you bastards out there terrorizing and murdering people. Black or white your lives don’t matter. Lord forgive me, I shouldn’t feel this way but I do, that stupid white girl who was too damn stupid to know she was a she, her life doesn’t matter one bit. All of her friends and family mourning her and criticizing people for not calling her the correct pronoun, they/them, their lives don’t matter either. I hope they go out and play in the highway next.

  15. Burn Loot Murder crowd are commies but also mostly indoctrinated idiots of American “educational” system..

  16. The Ghanians are not fools. Invite all the former slaves back to their motherland, be showered w/food and drink, then neutered, put back in chains, and sell them in the Libian slave markets now than Ghadaffi is gone. Blame Shrillery von pantsuit for allowing this practice to continue, Ghanians are just wanting to make a few extra bucks from their advertising expenses, win win for them.

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