BLM Attacks Parishioners Trying To Attend Church in Troy, NY

Town Hall

In case you still thought the Black Lives Matter organization was just about protesting police brutality, think again. A video of BLM protesters chanting their titular slogan while invading Grace Baptist Church in Tory, New York has gone viral on social media. More

Democrat Patrick Madden is currently serving his second term as Troy’s mayor (in case you thought anybody would do anything to stop BLM). Here

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  1. Like Rush said yesterday on his show BLM is not a civil rights organization, it is a radical communist revolutionary organization that means to destroy America and take over.

  2. Who’s going to stop them? Seems no one cares, encourages or supports their behavior. Until they are forced to stop, by any means necessary, it will continue. Liberal leadership is willing to sacrifice their citizens and cities for political purposes. And, it’s just started. The worse is yet to come. If you live in these areas you have only two choices: Move away or show some resistance.

  3. …once again, because it fits…

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    ― Kevin Alfred Strom

    …and I notice THEY criticize God, so what’s that say about who rules THEM…

  4. In Baltimore this past weekend,the large statue of Christopher Columbus in Little Italy (original home of Nancy Piglousy) was pulled over and dragged into the harbor. The word is the cops, under orders “to make sure no one got hurt” closed the surrounding streets and accompanied the pack of vandals to the destruction of the monument. The city owned the land but NOT the statue.
    One bright spot was it was pulled out the next day donations to repair and volunteers to fix it are pouring in from locals.

  5. Heretic
    JULY 8, 2020 AT 11:02 AM
    “And you thought the zombie apocalypse was just a meme.”

    …no, this is actually WORSE.

    …they don’t ARREST you for protecting yourself from ZOMBIES…

  6. New Yawk is a GOOD place to try such crap. Try it in TN, SC, or AL, and you’ll be playing “bullet trap.” 😡

  7. “Police made no arrests during the incident.”

    well there you have it.

    this will keep up until these asshole suffer the consequences of their actions

    find out where the protestors live and then give them the golden rule.

    go ahead and stand in front of me and scream in my face then yell don’t touch me.
    you won’t like what you find.

    if they yell black lives matter are they saying all lives don’t matter?
    if my life don’t matter then i might as well take some of them out with me when they take me out.

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