#BLM Becoming Woke To Antifa’s Exploitation of Blacks

This is/was inevitable. Not every member of #BLM is interested in communism, and they are seeing that Antifa are, indeed, the fascists.

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  1. One of BLM’s many problems is their leaders/founders are avowed communisys. The leadership is exploiting blacks as well.

  2. There is a massive difference between the BLM movement at local levels, made up of people who care about the issue even if misguided, and the BLM organization which is simply a grift.

  3. They are BOTH exploiting black people.
    Then add the Democraps to that Equation.

    Good luck competing for decent paying jobs against all the newly landed southern boarder jumpers…

  4. They ain’t exactly the BRIGHTEST bulbs in the box, are they? πŸ™„

    Us EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL honky-devil, whitey-cracka, RAYCISS-republicans, had that figured out a couple of YEARS ago. πŸ˜†

  5. Support for blm is now less than 5% according to a new survey but big-corp is still their biggest backers.

  6. Stupid tools. Antifa is just a anarchist faction with the same communist agenda as BLM.
    Local liberal black Demwits supporting BLM are finally figuring out BLM/Antifa will keep burning down their neighborhoods with no end in sight. Also, Black Demwits who donate their money to BLM/Antifa are getting ripped off – left high and dry.

  7. funny thing is….
    An old antisemitic white Jewish man (George Soros)is the original money man behind both groups…
    They are Soros’s useful idiots.

  8. When the truth is found
    To be lies
    And all the joy
    Within you dies

    Don’t you want somebody to love?
    Don’t you need somebody to love?
    Wouldn’t you love somebody to love?
    You better find somebody to love

  9. So when are blacks going to realize that BLM uses the Exploitation of Blacks to run their corrupt front??

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