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BLM Calls For A “Black Xmas”


The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is once again calling for people to spend their money over the festive period on Black-owned businesses as part of their “Black Xmas” campaign.

Beginning in 2014, the movement has urged people to stand against “white supremacist capitalism” by purchasing items via Black-owned businesses from Black Friday through to Christmas and New Year’s.

“We’re dreaming of a #Blackxmas. That means no spending with white companies from 11/26/2021—01/01/2022,” the site says. More

BLM’s big donors have been silent on Black Xmass. Here

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  1. Why do blacks even mess with Christmas?
    I mean they have that ancient (1964) glorious, revered, iconic, compassionate, colorful celebration called Kwanzaa don’t they?
    Niggas don’t need no whitey holiday any hows…

  2. One of my favorite recent commercials is from Etsy.
    It has this sad looking black grandpa and wherever he goes he sees nothing but white-devil Santa Clauses.
    His grandson buys him a stocking from Etsy that has a black Santa on a stocking.
    Makes the old man proud.
    The feel-good story of the season…

  3. Isn’t Kwanzaa good enough anymore? These are the same folk who are perpetually stuck in identity crisis …. (“Don’t call us what we been calling ourselves for the past year; that was racist and we’ve discovered new shiny things so now you must call us this new word ..”) Do everyone a favor and make up your cotton picking mind. You change so much and so quick it’s difficult to keep track of where to send the reparations payments.

  4. Since BLM supporters are by and large lazy, short-sided, and too committed to their creature comforts, I don’t expect this to get much hay.

    But for the true beleivers; throw away your cell phones, computers, cars, TV’s, appliances, clothes off your back, and the groceries in your house, all of these were either created, manufactured, produced, distributed, or grown by white people. Burn the money in your wallet since it most likely came from either a white employer or (more likely) from government assistance which was funded by white people.

    And don’t just do this for a month and a week, show us your stones and commit to this permanently, after all, you will still be black (and oppressed) long after Jan.1st.

  5. This is code for let the smash and grabs continue. EX Sac County Sheriff John McGinness, who has a syndicated talk show, today pointed out this is now occurring in Conservative areas of Nor Cal and only a matter of time before an armed citizen shoots a bunch of them. Justifiably. Here’s the NUGGET. California’s policy of not charging thieves for stealing under $1,000.00, and the no cash bail is exactly that. a Policy and can be reversed at any time. It’s not a law. Us Californians woke up today and watched a bunch of asshole destroy a SoCal mall and get released because they didn’t steal over $1,000.00. What happened to property damage charges. This is Bull Shit, and it’s not the law.

  6. There is a store in the Town Square mall in Vegas called “African Love” that sells thing made in and about Africa.

    Sad to say they could leave their doors unlocked at night and still would never get looted.

  7. @BanjoBill might be referring to the fact that the NAACP, (National Association for Advancement of Colored People) told us that they’re not ‘colored people”
    They are ‘people of color’, which is a HUGE DIFFERENCE don’t you see?

    80 years after their founding we finally get some clarity on that.

    In the meantime, we’ve gone from nigger to negro to colored people to african american to people of color.

    I prefer human being or just person.

    But their community stuck with the ugly N word amongst themselves and in their own pop culture.

    Keep me out of your mental illness.

  8. It does begin to sound like a skit from Monty Python. Life of Brian.

    Oh hell no.

    We’re not the People’s Front of Judea.

    We’re the Judea People’s Front.

  9. I’m Dreaming Of A Black Christmas

    I’m dreaming of a black Christmas
    Just like the ones I never saw
    Where the store fronts blacken
    With buildings cracklin’
    Cocktails thrown in from a car

    I’m dreaming of a black Christmas
    With all their looting shit in sight
    May your nights be scary with fright
    And may future Christmases be white

  10. Given the natural progression that we can expect with this segregationist movement (black only dorms, black only graduation, black only quad areas) it won’t be long before the BLM’ers get tired of sharing their thunder with the other colors; brown, red, and yellow people, and want exclusive recognition, “People of the PROPER color”.

  11. Shop at the local Crack House?
    Get your son a date with a Crack Whore?
    Buy shots of Muscatel behind the dumpster?
    Maybe buy a bangle out of the stolen jewelry from the truck of Corn Pop’s car?

    Merry Christmas, muthafucka!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. When you aren’t burning down businesses or looting them, shop at the black-owned businesses! In memory of David Dorn.

  13. Fact is the blank lives are pretty mad and jealous over not being white. People who aren’t able to accept themselves as they are. pity.

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