BLM Co-founder Demands Dems Add Defund Police and Other Measures From Radical “Breathe Act” To Party Platform


Self-proclaimed Marxist and Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors called on Democrats to make “sea changes” to their party platform and adopt radical legislation that calls to defund the police force, eliminate both the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and close all federal prisons and immigration detention centers, alongside various other radical demands — otherwise, “any claims of allyship and solidarity with our work to fight for black liberation are for naught.” More

More on the “squad” sponsored “Breathe Act” Here

18 Comments on BLM Co-founder Demands Dems Add Defund Police and Other Measures From Radical “Breathe Act” To Party Platform

  1. I think I am now a fan of BLM.
    If they can convince the (D) party to adopt all this crap, it is game over.

  2. Allyship? What. Is that a word? Of course it isn’t you ignorant commie slut. Learn the damned language.

  3. Yeah? Demand in one hand, piss in the other and tell me which one fills up first. How about you get your people to quit killing each other.

  4. “Breathe Act” sounds like some green weenie dim bulb idea to tax you on how much oxygen you use and how much CO 2 you breathe out into the atmosphere. No matter what it is any idea floated or proposed by these democrap idiots needs to be shut down immediately. And what about farts as well, surely Mexican food farts have to be just as bad as cow farts. Why am I getting a craving to go to Taco Hell right now.

  5. I think the Democratic party has secretly instituted an IQ test for its candidates and office holders; anyone who tests over 75 is automatically disqualified.

  6. I’ve heard of ‘allied shipping.’

    Is ‘Allyship’ our word for the day?

    Thanks, PHenry. I think… 🙄

  7. Don’t thank me. I used to know the word ‘alliance’.
    I am gently weeping. The stupid, the knuckle draggers, the uneducated, the criminally insane are redefining our culture.

    It is pissing me off.

    Reminds me of a bad 1980s movie. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. The best line?

    It ain’t my planet, monkey boy

  8. Breathe Act?

    Like in: we can take those Goddamned masks off and shove them straight up Inslee’s ass?

    Do they have a petition I can sign?

  9. This is the perfect time for both major parties to give BLM a big “F-U” and turn their backs on them for good. One they realize they have no real support, the BLM ‘leaders’ will crawl back under the rocks from which they emerged.

    Won’t happen, but I can dream.


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