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BLM looking for greener pastures

Inquisitr: The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management needs help finding greener pastures for 200 wild horses and is seeking proposals from contractors who can humanely provide care of these wild horses in a free-roaming pasture setting. The Bureau is looking for pastures in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon (excluding west of the Cascade Mountain Range), South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington (excluding west of the Cascade Mountain Range), and Wyoming.

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  1. How many millions of acres does the feddle govt own in those areas? The BLM “manages” all of it except for military, right? And they’re looking for land for 200 wild horses? And these wild horses need somebody to “provide care?”


  2. And Uncle Al, the only people or entity that seems to have a problem with these majestic creatures is our Federal Government. WTF?

  3. Kill them all now. If you have ever seen how much damage they do, you would understand. Or maybe we can trade for a smelt.

  4. If it was any private person, we might do business. But being a Gubberment entity, ESPECIALLY being BLM, sorry, I wouldn’t come near that for TWO months of Sundays. “Take the king’s gold, dance to the king’s tune.” And once you take that white elephant, you’re stuck with it, you can’t give it back.

  5. 200 horses asses?
    sounds like you could replace half of congress right there.

    they could be bribed with hay. making them accessible to the common man.

    nothing could pass because all they could vote would be “neigh”.

  6. Why do they need to re-home the horses? Is it because they’re selling the land they’re currently on to Iran or some other despot so they can mine it for minerals?

    How does the fed govt. have the right to sell US land to foreign govts., especially ones that want to destroy us? 95% of DC politicians should be executed for treason.

  7. I have an idea! We should declare the White house, and grounds, to be a National Park! Tear down the wall and allow man and horses to trod there at will ( a small fee of course). Make the rest rooms all sex friendly (install one of those new Muslim squat on the toilet seat toilets) and it would be a real winner!

  8. They are really everywhere, two weeks ago I was camping east of Payson and three came by our campsite. Two adult and one pretty little colt. I was thinking how much my wife would love a souvenir like that. 😛

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