BLM Protester Punches a Trump Supporter Right In Front of Cops, It Doesn’t End Well

RedState: BLM folks are still hanging out nightly in the area of St. Johns’s Church, in Washington, D.C., near the White House.

While the police cleared away any occupation, any tents and put up fencing around the church, they still show up nightly to walk around and yell things at the cops before they go home.

Jorge Ventura picked up some video though that has to be one of the dumbest moves of all time by a BLM protester.

Watch the Trump supporter lead this BLM guy over to the cops and watch this doofus take the bait.

17 Comments on BLM Protester Punches a Trump Supporter Right In Front of Cops, It Doesn’t End Well

  1. #29 needed a Baton right in His C*cksucker…They need to grab anyone interfering

    in an Arrest.

  2. The picture at the link shows a D.C. street named Black Lives Matter. It’s street sign is actually Black Lives Matter.

    They named a street after a radical communist revolutionary organization that is bent on taking over the United States and ruling over us in communist slavery.

    The Left has to go. I don’t care how.

  3. I’m just glad to see goofs that commit acts of violence actually get punished for a change. What a breath of fresh air.

  4. I love it. The police doing what they are trained to do. If only the DC mayor and DA will do their jobs and prosecute (not holding my breath). I would not be surprised to hear a clip from Mayor Bowser saying the police were wrong to arrest the two idjits. Wait, wasn’t he a member of Sha Na Na? Let’s see, he has gotten a tan, but still the same politics from 2016 when he endorsed Clinton,

    Related, guessing if any footage is shown on the major news outlets, it will not show the thug throwing the punch, or will include edit it to right before and interview the other thugs claiming the President supporter threw the first punch, allegedly.

  5. Odds are this little sneak attack chicken shit is already out roaming free. With out bail. We’re in a bad situation. If you defend yourself from these clowns, this attempt to destroy our country, you will be prosecuted. I’ve been keeping track on the stories that have made the news and we’re batting 1000. WTF? Even local LE seems to be marching to the beat of the Deep State. Sooner or later this shit’s going to explode. Just plan on fighting the authorities initially too.
    Thank God the black Conservative didn’t try and defend himself. He’d still be locked up.

  6. I didn’t know that Mensa held chapter meetings on street corners….these guys are priceless. Perform stupid tricks, win stupid prizes.

  7. So the BLM thug picks a fight with a black guy. If he had a gun in his waistband he probably would have shot him. Then the cops would shoot the perp, and the only video we would see is the cop shooting a BLM perp.

  8. …from the story…

    “With St. John’s Church in the background, people walk under a new street sign on Friday, June 5, 2020, in Washington. “The section of 16th street in front of the White House is now officially ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza,’” District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser tweeted. The black and white sign was put up to mark the change.”

    (singing ironically, like you’ll be doing on the forced march to the reeducation camps Maoist love so much)
    “The ink is black
    The page is white
    Together we learn to read and write
    The child is black
    The child is white
    The whole world looks upon the sight
    The beautiful sight
    And now a child can understand
    That this is the law of all the land
    All the land”

    …yep, ironically…

  9. “Things are getting hostile at BLM plaza.”


    “Hey, let’s name a corner after an avowed Marxist group that’s been nothing but violent and is led by ACTUAL terrorists, let them OWN that corner, after treating them nationwide like they’re untouchable anyway!

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong…”

  10. Yeah, and the guy they arrested will be laughing all the way back to the protest line when the city refuses to prosecute.

  11. Unfortunately, I doubt the judge will do shit in this political environment.

  12. …if he punched a WHITE guy, D.C.P.D. probably would have let even THIS go, because, Black Privilege…

  13. Wat he be’n detained fo! I don’t know.. Assaulting someone in front of a Police officer…. Should arrest the others for being Dumbasses!

  14. Sure, the charges may not stick, but at least there is an attempt at law and order. The police arrested the BLM moron for assault instead of kneeling or washing his feet.


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