BLM Terrorists Harass Christians Praying


This guy needed to be knocked the ef out. Airhorns in the ear is an act you can protect yourself from.

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!1

    I’m sorry, but that fat gay jiggly puff mufuh was pathetically funny. Those Catholics just went through a negative experience. Jigglypuff has to wake up being himself every day.

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching him treat his “white ally” like trash. “MOVE. bitch.”

    Yeah I know, why didn’t they fight? Cuz’ they’re Catholics on a prayer vigil. Picking up swords isn’t their go to stance.

    We need to re-arm the Church. Sorry Knights of Columbus, none of you guys can swing your swords without a defibrillator.

  3. How is it that his airhorn is OK in people’s ears but a police LRAD in Portland is violating the 1st Amendment rights of protesters?

  4. That fat black bitch wanted to square off too. Hood rats all think that growing up in subsidized housing automatically makes them tough. It’s usually the loud mouth’s that buckle once they get the first crack in the nose.
    That’s why I avoid gatherings like that, I don’t have the disposition to put up with that crap.

  5. After I realized that nobody was going to beat the shit out of that cretin, I could not stand to watch it anymore. I don’t understand a religion that forces you to put up with that terrorism. Will they remain sheep-like right up to the ovens?

  6. A taser in the back of the neck would be appropriate for this asshat.

    BLM will successfully get Trump re-elected

  7. If someone had clocked the fat bastard the Soros district Atty would have buried them under the jail. The puke knows it too.

  8. Have you all forgotten the amazing tone of an aluminum bat when it interfaces with the human body? Aside form the tonal qualities, it’s very cleansing spiritually Sorry, the golden rule is hereby suspended until further notice.

  9. The low sloping brow, drooping eyelids and mouth agape are all earmarks of a superior intellect.
    Should he so choose he stands to have a very bright future in the food service industry.


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