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BLM/Leftist Philando Castile Shooting Narrative is Falling Apart

Remember the girl who live-streamed her boyfriend dying in the car after a police officer shot him?

She said they were pulled over for a busted taillight, and when the boyfriend alerted the officer that he had a concealed carry permit and went for his wallet, the officer shot the poor guy.

Well, according to his Facebook posts, he was a gang member. They weren’t pulled over for a busted taillight. They were pulled over because he matched the description of an armed robber who held up a store 4 days prior.

Oh, and he didn’t have a concealed carry permit, and the gun he was carrying was resting on his thigh below his shirt.

But lofo blacks are fed a false narrative, uncorrected by the left, and this causes outrage and then dumb savages go out and shoot cops in Dallas. Then the left calls for the removal of guns.

Cute trick. It’s not gonna work.

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  1. Which is why I reserved my opinion until FACTS started emerging. It stank from the beginning.

  2. “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
    Samuel Langhorne Clemens

  3. I believe that in Minnesota, the listing of people with carry permits is not a matter of public record. Which is why Ramsey County can state they didn’t issue him one. I’ve seen some unofficial reports, that state his permit was issued in Hennepin County.
    But we will have to wait for the myriad of investigations to be well on their way to completion, before we probably will get official word on that.
    Just like in time, we’ll eventually get the recording/transcript of the officers initial call to their dispatchers.

  4. The whole thing wasn’t adding up for me from the get-go.

    And I’m not buying the “gentle giant” narrative, either.

  5. Here we go again…black LIES matter.

    I stopped caring after the third BS story they tried to sell.
    There is a damn good reason why so many minorities are in prison.

    Memo to white people. 50 years from now you will be targeted, big time.

  6. It was the asshole governor, he said that if Castile was white, he would never have been shot. Damn right, his ass needs to be kicked out of office and forbidden from ever holding any kind of political position again.

  7. Can anyone tell me when the final season episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County airs? Is it Monday?

  8. @Aggie, both the BLM and the blackliesmatters are.

    If we had a president who didn’t hate America he would probably do something to stop the violence.

  9. So, James O’Keefe hit my inbox with an email about this livestreamed video and how important it is to citizen journalism. The story doesn’t add up to me and, once again, we need more facts.

  10. The whole confusion thing surrounding this matter started for me when the video showed a black dude driving a right driver vehicle.

    That alone set off my bullshit meter.

  11. I posted this yesterday on Facebook, got some quizzical comments:
    “Waiting for all the information to come in, without jumping to conclusions.”
    I thought this one might turn out to be legit, but I’m certainly not surprised to see that it is not. Regardless, blacks feel more marginalized after this and the guy in Baton Rouge. Even though nothing happened that should make them feel more marginalized, but that’s the agenda and they will defend it to the end. Sad.

  12. On 7/7/16 at 7.47 am I wrote:
    “The story reads pretty damn awful? Let’s wait and see.”
    Now the story is pretty damn awful. Five officers slain, seven injured. And for what?

  13. When will we get the official version? The guy died and I’m certain that everything would have been documented as to type of gun, position of gun as well as if his wallet was still in his hip pocket etc.

  14. I’ll say it again. These riots and killings are the work of REVCOM.US. They are going nationwide. There is no mention of REVCOM.US in the media.

  15. Larry, it’s ok for the violent black thugs to beat you to death. Give it a try and see, eh? You do deserve it, right?

  16. @Moe Tom — “And for what?”

    You just asked the most dreadful question of all, my friend. The most dreadful of all questions.

    Many have talked of another American civil war. Isn’t that what we are now engaged in? Americans killing Americans over a a fictional (racist) boogeyman. I can barely allow myself to think of the grief of the police officers’ families and friends. Someone with the country’s ear — like Sheriff Clarke — needs to come forward and have a frank discussion about what kind of person chooses to become a law enforcement officer and the fact that police training specifically weeds out people with race prejudice. It’s a fact. The lie of legions of racist police has gone on long enough.

  17. Yup. I knew it would. The absence of emotion from the female narrator/sociopath was comic. That’s what I noticed. Also, the footage I saw seemed to start right where it should to fit the narrative. She seemed to have a script ready to maximize the policeman’s culpability.

  18. No doubt in my mind, Obama and the MSM are as responsible for the carnage in Dallas as the people that pulled the trigger.

  19. Anonymous,

    0bama is getting police officers killed !
    HE is giving the green light to this insanity.

  20. Wait. A worthless, evil POS was justifiably shot by a cop and it was live-streamed on Facebook and I missed it? DAMMIT!

  21. @Ann Thracts: Googled it and it says it airs on Monday 9/8c. (Season 11, Episode 3, July 11. Episode 4, July 18.)

    That’s as far as it goes, as of now.

  22. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    Guess what time it is?

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. Abigail. “And for what”? You answered that question most eloquently.
    Thank you. Rest in Peace my Dallas Brothers. You are the innocent victims of a politically correct and cowardly government. And a worthless media.

  24. “Hands up, don’t shoot,” fell apart, and it did not change anything.

    “Gentle giant,” fell apart and it didn’t change anything.

    This won’t change anything either. It’s served its purpose.

  25. No word on the fact that this ass hole did this with a child in the car.
    His hands should have stayed out the window as he explained that he had a gun IN HIS LAP
    Stupid fuck
    I feel bad for the poor LEO who had to deal with this guy.
    I would have tossed the gun on the dash when I saw the lights behind me.

  26. I here Obama is coming to Dallas. Guess it’s time for another beer summit. This time it’ll be Colt 45 and blunts I suppose. Would someone please loan him the convertible that JFK used. Maybe he’ll even drive through Dealey Plaza. Oswald, you listening?

  27. EVERY “journalist” needs to do a MANDATORY three month cop ride-along so they can experience being cussed at, lied to, spit on, shot at and physically attacked. It wouldn’t be long before the truth started to be told. Start with ALL the top names at NBC, CBS and ABC!

  28. Anonymous. Hell of a video. Q. Are these people worth trying to help? That poor child is doomed.

  29. All you clueless assholes blinded by your ignorance I’m not surprise by yall comments but no one cares what yall think so just shut up fools

  30. Anonymous, Fuck off bitch. Don’t you have a 7-11 to loot or something? Don’t forget the Jheri Curl.

  31. Ironic that he’s going to Dallas. The man most responsible for pouring gasoline on the racial fire. If I was one of the family members of the fallen police I’d spit on him if he approached me.

  32. It’s been reported by our local star tribune that he had a concealed carry permit, thru hennipen county. He also worked for 11 years in a school cafeteria where apparently he was liked by the students. He may have been a pothead but that’s no reason to kill him. And I don’t think that picture is of a gun.

  33. Whose story is being told here??? The Cops Of Course……One must Cover THEIR ASS!!!!!!……WE’ll beleive anything

  34. The governor will say anything to keep his cities from being looted and burned done. What an idiot!

  35. I live in St. Paul an you are incorrect. Look up the facts. This was a result of fear on each side.

  36. The crazier aspect to all of this ginned up racial tension by the Left is that police forces aren’t just made up of white cops. Every color and both sexes are represented throughout this country’s law enforcement community at all levels, from police chiefs and county sheriffs down to bicycle cops and meter maids. But none of that fits the narrative. So the liberal media stokes the fires and watches the country burn in hopes of making some money, pushing an agenda, and electing Hillary.

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