#BLM’s Stupid Behavior Diverts Sick Child in Ambulance

Fox– The Memphis Black Lives Matter rally shut down the I-40 bridge Sunday night with hundreds of protesters refusing to leave. Traffic could not go across, but paramedic Bobby Harrell with Crittenden EMS was determined to get to a child who was stuck on the bridge with his family.

“We received a call there was a child needing medical attention stuck in traffic up on the bridge and due to the protest going on the bridge the family was not able to get through traffic to get him to Le Bonheur,” Harrell said.

A photo shows parents handing the child off to paramedics on the bridge.

“The sheriff’s department had to escort us up the wrong way of the interstate to the child,” he said.

Harrell said after he had the very sick child in the ambulance, the driver had to go 25 minutes out of the way.

“We had to turn around and come back to West Memphis and cross over at MLK to get over to 55.”

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  1. There used to be cowcatchers on the front of locomotives. Hitting a cow at sixty miles an hour with one of those steel contraptions would clear the RR in no time.

    Gee, what could we put on the front of emergency response vehicles to clear BLM protestors, hmmmmm? Any suggestions?

  2. These feral beasts are NOT human and should be treated the way any predatory animal is when it encroaches on human civilization.

  3. Had an extremely sturdy and heavy ranch bumper on a big block pick up in Texas – the overall setup ran it at 10MPG. Beginning to miss that thing.

  4. If they caused the death of someone trying to get to the hospital, is there an identifiable legal entity behind BLM that could be sued?

  5. These people need to start being randomly killed in the same way they randomly kill whites. Fuck BLM.

  6. it’s already illegal to block the road…..if the cops – -understandably – don’t want to clear the road, that leaves it to the civilians…..

    let the big trucks go through first……then the f150s and the rams……what do you bet these idiots stop blocking roads, after one or two “road-clearing” operations………

    they have the right to protest…..they DO NOT have the right to obstruct traffic…..if they want to learn the hard way, then we’ll just have to TEACH them the hard way…..

    every time we allow them to pull this kind of stunt, it just enables them to do it again and again and worse next time…..

    i’m irish….my ancestors were slaves…..i’m not exactly “over it,” but i don’t hold anyone living in this century responsible for it……mostly because no one living in this century was a part of it…

    time to let it go……yeah, there were slaves in the USA…..but none of them are still living here, because a whole lot of WHITE MEN died to free them……

    time to let it go…..get over it…..

    course, that would mean giving up your best weapon against the WHITE MAN….and the WHITE PEOPLE…..

    so it’s not going to happen….

    why don’t you all go back to africa, if living here is SOOOOOO BAD????????

    oh yeah….probably because you know how much better off you are here than you would be in your african homeland…..

    i’d go back to ireland in just next to no time, if i could….but they have immigration laws…..i mean, they ENFORCE their immigration laws…so i’m pretty much stuck here……

    if you can’t go back to your particular african country, you can at least deport yourselves to liberia – america bought that little piece of real estate for the express purpose of re-settling ex-slaves back to africa, so you have EVERY RIGHT to take yourself back to your home continent…..

    i’m very tired of hearing about “africans living in america”…..


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