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Bloated 19

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  1. I’m sure there’s a pack of Marlboro lights in her purse and a Biden/Harris and COEXIST sticker on the rear.

  2. You’re fat and vaxxed while I am slim and healthy. Your obesity is the main reason there’s climate change, your farts are many and too often. Further more, you’re taking up more than your fair share of real estate. That’s what I would say to the person. Now get up outta that wheel chair and see if you can chase me. 🙂 Face mask Nazis make me say the craziest things with a smile.

  3. When the local Golden Coral opened up my oldest son took me out for lunch. He warned me, “Dad there lots of really fat people in here”. We pull into the parking lot and four huge, mammoth humans waddle out in single file. It was one of the best father/son laughs ever.

  4. Remember the first automatic doors back in the 60’s? They were single doors.
    Now, almost ALL automatic doors are doubles. I wonder why?

  5. Big Pharma and the gov’t aren’t about “Health” care. They’re about making symptoms go away; the underlying cause be damned. Now it’s finally being reported that the vast majority of the early “Covid deaths” were people with SIX co-morbidities. Obesity and diabetes were sort of casually mentioned, but no wall-to-wall television “specials” explaining why they posed so great a risk. If the gov’t was so worried about the health and lives of Americans, you’d think it would use its vast power to inform, right? But no, they continued to bash the healthy for not getting the ineffective jabs and not wearing the ineffective masks.

  6. I like to watch videos of street scenes from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. You hardly ever saw a fat person, or even an overweight person. Now, you go anywhere, and at least 1/2 the people you see are obese, some even morbidly so. I recently attended a birthday party for a 6 year old grandchild, and again, at least half the kids were butterballs. My theory is this is all a result of the permissive parenting that began in the 60s; parents just won’t tell their kids “no”.

  7. TonyR, it’s worse than that. Just read stats on it. 65% of Americans are obese, based on the definition. Kids are nearing the 50% mark.

    I think it’s single parents and two working parents households. It’s easier to order pizza or go through the drive through than plan, shop and cook.

    I didn’t eat a Macdonalds hamburger until I was a teenager with my own babysitting money. I was underwhelmed. But you get kids started as babies in the carseat on McNuggets and “juice”, they develop food preferences at an early age.

    Yesterday I stopped at the grocery store. There was an obese woman parked next to me who had a half gallon of ice cream out. She had a spoon, and was eating it. At first I thought she was trying to stave off an immediate hunger fix. When I went back to my car 20 minutes later she was still chugging through that half gallon. The container was half empty!

  8. Dietary directions from the federal government have brought us here. In the old days momma and grandma were the people who showed you how to eat. When Eisenhower had his heart attack the feds got involved. The food pyramid was born of then current dietary advice from the ‘thinkers’ at universities and in government. Big sugar was involved intimately with both. Carbohydrates were said to be the basis of the diet, with meat up there a way, I don’t remember how far. Anyway, carbohydrates are palatable if you add lots of sugar, otherwise you’re eating what amounts to cardboard in flavor. The increase in obesity follows the public’s acceptance of the food pyramid advice. Once momma’s and grandma’s advice fell away what did we have to follow? The food pyramid, brought to you by big sugar and a bunch of mid-wits who thought… and think… they’re eggheads. Recall the freak out they had over Atkins, since modified into grudging acceptance of paleo or the like.

  9. I still laugh at the term “Ghettopotamus”. I forgot which commenter came up with that, but sir or madam, I salute you!


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