Bloomberg Accused of Helping Communist China Suppress Embarrassing News Stories

Fincher accused Mike Bloomberg of lying to the American people about his willingness to bend to Communist Party pressure to protect his business interests in China:

Breitbart: Writing at the Intercept on Tuesday, Leta Hong Fincher described herself as “one of the many women Mike Bloomberg’s company tried to silence through nondisclosure agreements,” even though she never actually worked for Bloomberg’s companies.

Her husband did, however, and according to Fincher, Bloomberg brought enormous pressure to bear against the couple to suppress news reports that were embarrassing to Communist China.

Fincher said she was studying sociology at Tsinghua University in Beijing when her husband Michael Forsythe worked on a series of Bloomberg News reports about the tremendous wealth accumulated by Chinese leaders and their families, including the relatives of dictator Xi Jinping. 

Like other visiting Western reporters critical of the Communist government, Forsythe soon found himself receiving death threats that included threats against Fincher and the couple’s two young children. Fincher said Bloomberg News told them not to say anything about the death threats pending an internal investigation, but after several months she broke her silence and mentioned them on Twitter.

Within a matter of hours, Fincher said her husband was contacted by a Bloomberg manager and told to “get your wife to delete her tweets.” She refused to do so, although she also stopped talking about the threats, fearful of antagonizing the company while she and Forsythe were dependent on his job with them.

It was another story in late 2013 that led to the couple’s most serious trouble with Bloomberg News, and eventually cost Forsythe his job. The story, reportedly fully backed by Forsythe’s editors until the last minute, once again concerned the secret finances of Xi and other top Chinese officials: MORE

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  1. Ok Bloomie, it’s time to stop hiding behind ads and actually join the fight. What a PUSSY.

    This is what the dems want for a POTUS?

    No charisma, no presence, no leadership. Another clueless billionaire.

  2. AS I’ve said all along, Mini Mussolini is owned by the Chinese Communists, just like most of Hollywood.
    Just another traitor, in a long list of Democommie traitors.

  3. It’s only been a few months since Bloomers said that Xi is not a communist dictator and is actually a pretty good guy because he wouldn’t be President if he hadn’t done such a great job representing the people of China.

    At some point, everyone needs to realize that the sudden media infatuation and lack of scrutiny of Bloomberg is because the checks cleared.

  4. The great unwashed are to simple to understand that Bloomberg is above the quaint idea of nationhood. A man of his extraordinary intellectual gifts shouldn’t be constrained with concepts meant to control the masses.

  5. nothing minimike has said or done will affect the democrat sheep and their vote

    because they are so much smarter than the deplorables

  6. It’s pretty bad when even the chinks are taller than he is and can look down on him literally. His ideas like all the democraps/socialist/communists are lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianna’s Trench.

  7. Obola
    Clinton (remember them selling ICBM telemetry to the Chinks? Buddhist Temple Cash?)

    Since when is Treason a barrier to office?
    In the Demonrat milieu it’s REQUIRED!

    izlamo delenda est …


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