Bloomberg attacks Sanders over reports of Russian interference

“Putin thinks Trump should be president of the United States and that’s why Russia is helping you get elected so you’ll lose to him,” Bloomberg said to Sanders.

Sanders fired back, recalling Bloomberg’s past praise of China’s President Xi Jinping. read more

They’re like 2 old ladies fighting over the last croissant during brunch at the country club.

5 Comments on Bloomberg attacks Sanders over reports of Russian interference

  1. Back in November I predicted that Joe Biden would make it through February 25 without any screwups.
    No mistakes.
    No stupid statements.
    I missed.
    I thought I could pick the day.
    Joe made MANY screw-ups today.
    Joe has a PERFECT record
    – of stupidity.

  2. I’ll give the Democrats this – they have more billionaires running for President than the Republicans do. Somehow, I don’t believe Bloomberg or Steyer have any idea of what the “working man” wants.

  3. The Full Catastrophe Convention is going to be the last harrumph of Bernie Sanders and the end of the idea that a big tent full of fractious fools can depose President Trump. At least President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton could pretend to be the most qualified person to ever run for anything in the history of this country. If this debacle is a preview of what’s going to happen in Milwaukee, I can’t wait for the Main Event.


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