Bloomberg Businessweek Cover Story Questions ‘Is the Tax Code Racist?’

Yeah yeah. Totally. No tax for ANYONE. We have to teach the State a lesson.

MRC: Bloomberg Businessweek’s latest “equality issue” has questioned whether the thousands of pages of U.S. tax code are — wait for it — “racist.” It’s as if the left isn’t even trying to make sense anymore.

The cover of the new issue led with a picture of Emory University Law Professor Dorothy Brown — who made the argument that the tax code is racist. The picture was captioned with a leading question: “Is The Tax Code Racist?” The actual story headline was just as bad: “A Tax Code Optimized for White Wealth Leaves Black Americans Behind.” 

The piece propagandized Brown’s history and bloviated how “As a teenager, Brown thought she’d found a way out—a loophole in American racism. Taking an accounting class, the self-described math geek discovered the U.S. tax code.” Of course, the article had nothing to do with simplifying the tax code for all Americans. On the contrary, the piece backed Brown’s apparent effort to make white people pay more taxes.  more

SNIP: *eye roll*

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  1. Wow… and, of course, there is nothing even remotely racist about the idea of using race as a factor in taxation.

    Fuck you democrats. Fuck you all.

  2. STFU
    I’m paying a LOT of g*ddamned taxes and I am white.

    I subscribed to Businessweek for decades.
    It was a helpful publication.
    Then Bloomberg bought it and ruined it.
    Started supporting Big Government. Argued for more taxes.
    Now I spit on Newsweek.
    (Same for Popular Mechanics.)

  3. Native people in Canada (formerly called Indian) can apply for a Status Card which exempts them from paying many forms of tax on a huge amount of items at the cash register literally. They also get special deductions for University, higher education, and there are other programs which directly pay them.

    Do these types of programs exist in the US? No Idea.

  4. Ummmm……I thought that the original concept of the “progressive” income tax was based on………(wait for it)…….INCOME. The less you make, the less you pay, by dollar amount and percentage.
    Assuming that this MAY (or may not) have been have been slanted towards blacks (them dumb ignerent blacks, SOOO poor, always gonna be thet way), what’s this this “womyn’s” grief (I know, I know, assuming gender)? The original tax code was protective to the poor (blacks?) and punitive to the rich (whites?).
    In any case, this “womyn’s” BS holds less water then the Sahara sands.

  5. Yes, definitely! It takes money from had working Black, Brown, White and other colors people and gives it to lazy @$$ Black, Brown, White and other color people who walk around complaining with their hands out.

    That’s how Racism works, right?


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