Bloomberg campaign reports vandalism, blames alleged incidents on Sanders’ campaign rhetoric

Just The News: Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign says that it has endured multiple cases of vandalism and is pointing the finger at supporters of Democrat primary frontrunner Bernie Sanders.

The campaign laid out seven examples of alleged vandalism this month, including messages defacing windows and shattered windows at one location.

A photo on Twitter appears to show the campaign’s Flint, Michigan, office with a sign plastered to the glass window that reads “Eat the Rich.” Another photo appears to show a profane message painted on the glass doors of the campaign’s Knoxville, Tennessee, office. And another shows what appears to be shattered windows at the campaign’s Salt Lake City office. read more

10 Comments on Bloomberg campaign reports vandalism, blames alleged incidents on Sanders’ campaign rhetoric

  1. There was a Bernie moment in the debate that ai have not seen anyone mention yet that was very telling in regards to his hatefulness and anger that lies beneath his Free Shit for Everybody shtick.

    The moderators asked him about his praise of Castro again and he reverted to his “Mussolini makes the trains run on time” defense of a literacy program that existed before Batista was ousted. The crowd started to boo his response and he got all red faced and looked out to them and shouted, “Really? REALLY???”

    In that small moment, he revealed what a petty tyrant he would be if given an ounce of power.

  2. Tyranny is what Bernie Sanders and his supporters are about. Make no mistake. He is the proverbial 98 lbs weakling but his ideas require fascism to enact because he would never get votes through Congress.

    His supporters know this and are eager to be his brownshirts. Excuse me, greenshirts.

  3. You know if Sanders win the nomination, they’ll soon be pulling this crap on MAGA HQs. Gird your loins, Trumplicans.

  4. Oh, now it’s news???
    This type of crap has been happening to Republican headquarters and I never hear any outcry.
    Cry me a river.


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