Bloomberg Paying For Positive Memes


Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is paying social media influencers to back him in the hope of reaching younger voters.

His campaign has commissioned some of the internet’s top-viral creators to generate content about him that has reached tens of millions of followers.

The former New York Mayor’s campaign director said its meme strategy was new to presidential politics.  More

12 Comments on Bloomberg Paying For Positive Memes

  1. Saw this a few days ago. No worries, the Left can’t meme.

    The Right will make memes of their memes.


  2. I read some of these, found them mildly humorous.
    Would they convince a single person to change his vote to Bloomberg? Nah. My thinking is that your PR is supposed to change peoples’ minds, otherwise kind of a waste of money.

  3. “I auditioned for a part as one of the Lollypop kids in the upcoming Wizzard of Oz remake but I was too tall”

    Majic Mike Bloomberg


    If POTUS were doing this

    The insane pigs of the democrat party
    would be calling this

    Election tampering / Election Fraud

  5. In order to maximize his intersectionality cred he could hire Norm McDonald to announce to the world that he likes cock.

  6. He’ll probably be the nominee (the swamp will rig it).

    Still, he’s an elitist fascist, and he can go fuck himself.

  7. I’d jump at this chance.

    How to make Bloomberg ‘cool’.

    1.all stage entrances must be accompanied by Nellys early 2000 hit, ‘Hott in here’.

    2. puffy, shiny track suits.

    3. the answer to any debate question is ‘YEEEEAAAHHHH BOOOIIII!”

    4. pick Ke$ha for running mate

    5. backwards baseball cap

    6.take everything to ‘the next level’.

    7. Hitler stache for ‘irony’s sake’.

    8. high top fade

    9. always wear sketchers

    10 take chimpanzee to next award show


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