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Blow for Clinton: Judge Issues NEW Orders!


A federal judge ordered the State Department to provide 700 new pages of records from Hillary Clintonā€™s former office by Dec. 1, paving the way for a spate of document releases that could continue well into next year. [More at AllenWestRepublic]

17 Comments on Blow for Clinton: Judge Issues NEW Orders!

  1. I don’t buy the ‘resurge in popularity’. But I do think the RNC is capable of jamming him through via a brokered convention, if a single candidate can’t bring home a majority of states.

  2. She’ll already be in the White House by then.
    Then she’ll pardon herself.

  3. Notice the look of disgust on the guy’s face standing behind her.

  4. A few excerpts from the article:
    “could continue”
    “could be compelled”
    “could become part of”
    “could shed more light on”

    Bla bla bla.

  5. She drinking Bill’s Impaled Ale’

    it’ll quench your thirst

    when chasing tail

    (contest anyone?)

  6. According to her girlfriend ‘the Wiener lady’ she won’t know about it anyway as she has been afflicted with the old age infirmity called mental confusion!

  7. They really should be more careful with these damned headlines. I thought “A Blow for Clinton” would be about Monica Lewinsky.

  8. I’m sure she’s done plenty of blow

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