Blows Against the Empire

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from a Tweeter Threadunroll of ZoomZoomLagoon;

“When I was in 10th grade, for some reason my school thought it wise to have a special speaker come in for “political correctness training”………for high schoolers. This went about as well as you’d think it could.

Anyway, we were on the topic of “mentally challenged” people. We were sternly instructed to henceforth refer to them as “cognitively impaired”, to which someone yelled out “THAT SOUNDS RETARDED”

Now I don’t know if this lady has ever worked with remorseless high schoolers before, but let me tell you, this lady was SHOOK. Her face went as red as a dying star and started her “how dare you” speech. She demanded whoever said it stand up, to which another student shouted “if you think he gonna tattle on himself you might be cOGnITiVeLy IMpaiReD”! more

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  1. FTA: ” I said, “people will always be cruel and mean. Ok, let’s change the term to cognitively impaired, but please tell me how long until “Cogs” becomes the new slur?”

    At that point I’d a said “Well shit, if yer gonna start makin sense around here, I’m goin home!”

  2. Blows Against The Empire by Jefferson Starship from 1974 is the worst rock album ever. It’s worse than Imagine by John Lennon. I can not listen to this album ever again, I have too many bad memories from it. Don’t even bother to listen to it, it’s the most politically correct bs album ever.

  3. When working at a campus full of the mentally handicapped, the biggest insult they would use against each other was “You’re Special!”
    Retarded meant nothing to them.

  4. LOL!! That was brilliant!

    My hubby is a legal immigrant, who loves America and will NOT play along with politically correct speech. It is kinda like being married to a self-assured 16 year old who enjoys a loud argument and a good laugh. And he gets away with it, even with the libs, because it doesn’t sound so mean with that cute accent. (Besides, he’s right, and they know it.)

  5. I was at a function and said something and then walked off. That started a shitstorm a brewing. My brother had enough of the bullshit and told those who were having a shit fit to STFO. He said that I only said what everyone else was thinking.

    My mother told me about it later.

  6. 18 years on the City Council, I can tell you “Cogs” never grow up. To listen to “Adults” argue for 30 minutes over something that takes 10 minutes to fix.
    Send a notice for grass and weeds, and be accused of violating her HEPA privacy.
    Dumb people, create dumb arguments.
    Or watch CNN, and think they are educated on what going on.

  7. Cmn¢¢guy, “Dumb people, create dumb arguments.“

    And that is the Left in a nutshell. Your way of saying it gets right to the core in a wonderful Gracie Allen sort of way.

  8. Great story.

    Let’s face it: Schools are no longer schools, teachers no longer teach.

    It’s just another Public Union building filled with members where we send our kids for the day.

  9. From my experience teaching them, NEVER underestimate high school kids. On the other hand, it is impossible to underestimate college students as they have already been indoctrinated.

  10. If it’s not a Southernism, it should be, “Educated beyond his/her/its intelligence.”

  11. The word “moron” was coined as a PC term for what it described. It, too, became considered derogatory and therefore could not be used.

  12. I have 4 Autistic children; #2 son also has an MR diagnosis.

    I don’t mind calling the Anqueefers, “‘tards,” because they’re ALL dumbasses – my son is STILL smarter than ALL of them.


  13. Exxon once flew in a bunch of carpet muncher from the Northeast to lecture us employees on political correctness. They broke us down into groups of about a dozen people and it wasn’t long before the East Texas rednecks had them questioning their carpet-munching ways. It was a thing of beauty. Exxon never tried that again at our plant.


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