“Blue Horseshoe Loves Anacott Steel”

Who here bought Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency? Who here lost

their ass the last few weeks?

The Britain publication published this article on Litecoin.

CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWS: HUGE Litecoin announcement – ‘gamechanger’ LitePay to launch in days

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26 Comments on “Blue Horseshoe Loves Anacott Steel”

  1. I only dabble in fiat currencies but I do have a great bitcoin story. Our youngest daughter recently turned 21, so I guess she felt safe telling us when she was home for Christmas, that she’d been using a fake ID for years. It had to be purchased ($200) with Bitcoin, bought and transferred to some mysterious account. About a month later she received a deck of playing cards (from some Asian country) and inserted in the deck was her ID (looked pretty real to me). I informed her how much Bitcoin was worth at the time and could see the cogs turning a bit. Then she just smiled and said “Worth it!”.

    The Apple… she don’t fall far from the tree!

  2. The “bits of coin” I have had has always been US Government tender.

    $100 in the year 1970 is equivalent in purchasing power to $635.74 in 2018, a difference of $535.74. Prices in 2018 are 535.7% higher than prices in 1970.

    “IF” i had spent $100 for gold in 1970, It would be worth $3703.00 today.

    Due to inflation and the loss in value of the US dollar……I’ve lost my ass through redistribution of wealth.

  3. Some nerd named Bill asked me to invest 25 bucks in his electronics business. He was a little short of cash at the time.

    Can’t remember what I did with that money instead…

  4. my son had 20000 bitcoins back when they were 10 for a penny approx. We bought some too and put it in his account. it was hacked back in 2012 and the guy stole everything in everyones “wallet” on that site.

    My other son has 20. I told him to sell when they were 18000 each but did he listen to me? He still has them.

    I coulda bought 2 iotwreports with that money. sigh.

  5. @Anonymous February 3, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    > I don’t believe in getting something for nothing.

    But do you support nothing for something?

  6. IF I buy a coin, it BETTER be gold or silver. Period.

    Can’t spend internet money, if the power is off/grid is down. 😳

  7. I keep my US dollars in a little tube shoved up my ass. Bitcoin? Nope.

    @Mya: Gilbert Shelton would like a word with you. 🙂

  8. Irate Nate 2/3 @ 2:30

    “Nobody will admit to losing their ass. Sort of like how everyone who goes to Vegas “breaks even”…”

    Lost my ass more than once! Just not on Bitcoin.


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